1. What can we eat off each other thats not unhealthy?

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    Bakewell wrote:

    Can you not just work it off? Can eat anything if you are gonna burn a few hundred calories afterwards!

    Yes, good thinking. You could tot up the calories and, having established the energy consumption per minute for bonking, set a timer to ensure the whole event is is calorie neutral.

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    you can always buy frozen strawberries ( any supermarket) which will be cheaper but still sexy food, and temperature play for a bonus!

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    Regarding the calorie burn during sex - here is a brilliant list:-


    Check out the "non bed surfaces"

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    Don't try honey. Just don't.

    Houmous I suppose could work? Fruit could work you can make rather healthy homemade ice cream/ frozen smoothie type things, Fruit is usually good (obviously not watermelom type things).

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    The chocolate mousse sounds like a really good idea. Might have to knick that one. Think it would be smoother and less throat catchy than normal chocolate, and less sickly.

    So long as you keep it away from delicate bits, healthy yoghurts sound like they could be fun. Lot's of finger licking.

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    total O% greek yoghurt

    anything for dipping, humous, sweet chilli sauce and use bits of cucmber or carrot or even chicken strips to dip.

    In the first Sex and the City movie I'm sure Sam turned herself in to a sushi buffett!

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    Flavoured yogurt, smoothie/thick milkshake, various fruits like melon etc x

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    So in the end we went for low fat chocolate mouse, strawberries and bread sticks.

    Choccie nipples, yummy!

    Our first session of Monogamy ( board game ) as well . bloody great fun. Still got plenty of favours to do and our fantasy to look forwards to as well!

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