1. What kind of a Sqweeler are you?

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    I so love my sqweel these look fab and i will be forcing my OH to buy lol

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    See now the Wave does look nice buuuuut I thought the Sqweel looked nice and I even thought it felt nice on my inner wrist but when it came to my clit ... nothing. It just felt like being lightly tapped, wasn't very arousing at all and a million miles from oral (well from DDs AMAZING oral)!!!


    paradise-found [sign in to see picture]
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    OK, so my husband bought me the 3 new inserts and the holder for the Sqweel. I've used my LH Ladyfinger in the holder but it's a bit too straight and I'd like something with ridges or a bend in it.

    I have wishlisted 3 that I think would be suitable but I wondered which vibes any of you have tried with the holder

    aspiringfemalesexfiend [sign in to see picture]
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    The Squeel is the nearest thing to a man going down on me which has never happened to me BTW which has converted me totally to the idea of a man doing the business on me.

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