• What has made you laugh during sex?

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    On the last day of the honeymoon, i pinned the misses down for some morning nookie, went for the insertion when she decided to let out a large quantity of wind.... directly over my member :o

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    Old - But not THAT old! wrote:

    Ha ha - Love that HGL - did he have a name label in his underpants as well ??

    I remember an embarrasing moment that turned to laughter - I had just persuaded my partner that anal stimulation was something to be enjoyed, but as she inserted her finger into my anus a quantity of wind came out very loudly - she fell about laughing and laughed so much she wet herself!

    It didn't stop us though

    By then I was crying with laughter.. didn't see haha

    Lou22 [sign in to see picture]
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    Staying in a guest house recently got a bit of a shock when i looked up to see a man looking in our bedroom window. We were round the back of the hotel so hadn't occured to us to worry about it but think it must have been the gardener, fortunately for me we were in such a position that my modesty was saved, all he got was a good view of my partners backside.


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    the sound of my semen dripping on the carpet 2 minutes before I had to take my wife to work

    pretty much everything about sex makes me (us) laugh

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    Not exactly during sex, but just before, the OH and I were having this romantic caressing session, while we were both on our knees on the bed. And, SOMEHOW, whilst we were hugging, we managed for just a moment to create that farting sound people do under their elbows xD! I was in stitches! x

    tattooed lotus [sign in to see picture]
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    I had a boyfriend who was a musician and could make up a song about any situation.

    One night he made me cum so hard I half fell off the bed,to steady myself from falling entirely on the floor I grabbed his ankle and pulled my entire weight up on his ankle,he let out a horror scream then began singing a song he called 'Broken ankle sex blues'

    Years later it still makes me laugh.

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