1. worried about anal play

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    Phantasma wrote:

    Thats a fantastic pic cheeky! Well done indeed!

    No need to rush is the main thing - as so many people have said above take it slow and easy with plenty of lube.

    agree totally with the plenty of lube thing..... dont ever think you are using too much!

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    the other starts with a little play with 6inch dildo first.......with lots and lots of lube, and im not small so she wont let me go in bum...would size effect her??

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    Um, yes. Yes it would.

    BUT, if you practice regularly with larger and larger toys, and if you warm up properly at the start of each session, and if you use loads of lube (preferably applied internally!) and if you're very, very patient and take things really, really slowly while doing your best to keep her turned on...

    you might just get somewhere.

    It's worth the frustration and patience, believe me.

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