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  1. coming off 'The Pill'

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    KittyPurry wrote:

    Your nan may have had problems with the coil but it doesn't necessarily mean you will (unless obviously you share a medical condition you'd prefer not to disclose here which is totally fair enough ). I just say this because unless you've been medically advised otherwise by a GP (and in this intance probably also a gynae specialist) there is hope - everyone is different. My mum had terrible problems with the coil but I'm fine. I think the difference there was mum had one of the old copper style ones which are a bit, primitive (?!) by comparison with the high tech (and considerably smaller) plastic+hormone one I've got.

    Definately speak to a medical professional - them's the smart ones!


    Im thinking of getting the coil the new ones are tiny and are meant to be comfy. The older styles (copper) were much more barbaric!!!

    KP do you get periods on it?

    Only thing stopping me is me and OH have pretty hard rough sex and he is not lacking in the size department, Im worried it gets nudged/stuck/knocked etc etc.

    ps. ive been on the pill for about 10 years now, I asked my doc if this was a problem and she said no! I leave it next to the toilet and my contact lenses i.e. first things I see in the morning :)

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    I don't get periods at all on the Mirena. Also, my OH and I have very vigorous sex and it doesn't affect the coil at all. The coil sits up inside the womb rather than the vagina so you don't need to worry about it being knocked about.

    The only problem I have with the coil is the insertion process, first time was fine - painful but then I fainted so didn't feel most of it. The second one I was concious for and it was all a bit fraught because I was so nervous and couldn't relax my PC muscles. Took them ages to get the septum in because I involuntarily just clamped shut. The part where they opened my cervix was the worst part but it is over relatively quickly. Massive kudos to anyone who's given birth, having my cervix opened 2mm was bad enough! I still think it's worth it though - being traumatised for short time, a weeks recovery (with period pain type feeling) then five years of worry free sexing!


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    i have had issues with any thing with hormones in, my dr kept suggesting the copper coil, which as has been said, is barbaric. there's a hormone cap out, which i was goin to try, bit like a diapram i think, but you stick it up there for as many days as you would take your pill, pop it out on x day have a 7 day break and have a bleed, then wack a new one up there, just have to check its still in place every so often, sounds hassle free to me

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    hmm tempting may mention to the doc today as oh is away for a week so may be possible :D

    someone told me her hubby could feel it during sex... (maybe she was lying as she is a bit nutty in general)

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    *after chitty chat with the doc*

    I'm getting mirena fitted next thursday... seems best as no sex before for 5 days and a few days after. OH is away sat - sat... sounds ideal!!!

    She said bad reactions are really slim and if it is wrong for me simply take it out!

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    Just to chip in for a second, me and the better half use condoms as our method of contraception, we have been doing so for over 4 years now so we are long term users, not quite sure why she does not take the pill tbh - its not something ive ever asked as its her body at the end of the day and as i love her its not a hardship to put something on the end of it

    Im regards to condoms breaking, we have only ever had one break in all this time but that was with shall we say VERY vigorous love making. TBH at that point i absolutely crapped myself and broke the land speed record driving to the chemist the next morning for the morning after pill (you would be surprised how fast you can make a big old family bus move when you need it to).

    The positive of a condom is it is a very visual method of contraception - you can see if it has failed or not by looking at it but the downside is you dont feel a whole lot sometimes, if your fella is not fully errect it can be a passion killer getting to the point you can put one on and due to the sheer number of condoms it can take a while until you find a type that your fella finds comfortable and easy to put on. In regards to remembering to wear it all i do is make it part of my stripping ritual so when the pants come off the condom goes on. After a while you do it on auto-pilot

    Hope that was some help

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    i used condoms for two and half years until i decided to take the pill for period reasons, i since switched to the mini pill as i smoke and im overweight and my mum had a heart attack so i was in the risk zones for the actual pill.

    but using condoms is actually not that bad, you can get thin ones or bumpy ones and i think it isnt a problem really using them

    we still use them sometimes if i miss a pill or if i just cant be bothered with a clean up etc and have no problems using them!

    i would just say you should go and talk to your gp, this is what i did and he told me what was best suited for what i wanted!

    VW x

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    I'm not anticondom, I am allergic to the latex ones which is a hassle and to be honest my original reason for being on the pill was hormonal not protection.

    I think me and OH like the option of being able to do it wherever and whenever we want with no fussing :)

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