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    if its for the redness... ive used sudo cream in the past (love that stuff) as it eases the ouchy...

    i just wanted to say thanx for the sudocream advice ive been useing it for a while now and its definitly helped the redness

    Your welcome... I get really bad everything including chaffing and I also have a frisure at the moment. I discovered sude when I was staying at my sisters and figured if it helps the new born babies bum... it will help mine... I havent looked back :)

    OH uses Chamosil (i think) which is a nipple cream on his willy when its chaffed..

    its been a crapy battle who thought thrush could be such a battle i fineally feel im getting on top of it! i hope you get your frisure sorted ( although i dont know what it is)

    its a cut that wont heal in my bottom (most unpleasant visit to doc)

    Yeah thrush can be annoying.... I seemed to have stopped it coming back at the moment...

    I've discovered balance activ which I use quite a bit if im feeling a bit off balance down there. (get it in boots)

    I just seem to get constant UTI's so drinking pints of water just now to try and flush the bladder out! mergh

    ouch i hope it heals soon. I sufer with constipation and that can sometimes cause problems for me.

    i tired biofem and that worked quite well i'm useing lactacyd wash and thats helped a lot

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    pills from the doctors! I had a swab and the doctors called me to tell me I had thrush but I dont have the usual symptoms! Also, try and use girly soaps like Femfresh... it helps the PH levels!

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