1. Is he doing something wrong?

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    Heya guys,

    I just wanted to ask if my partner is doing something wrong when pleasuring me. During intercourse it is fine, but during foreplay, (especially when he uses his fingers, sorry to be crude) I always get the need to go to the toilet...I have read about it before being a sign of climax but when I feel it i actually have to go. Also with my previous partner this never happened and it is only with my new partner..Is it me? or has his technique changed for the worse?



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    That one may be of interest and there are a few others if you search. I think the general consensus is that it's g-spot linked, certainly I find the same thing but such stimulation still heightens all sensation. So it's unlikely your partner is doing something wrong, perhaps just not optimally- or possibly doing something right.

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    No, he's not doing anything wrong..

    It sounds to me like it's your G-Spot, and you're probably able to ejaculate, or squirt (yes, girls can do it too!) I suggest you look it up, as it will result in extremely intense orgasms. I squirted for the first time on Friday.. trust me, it's not pee.. it doesn't smell, and it certainly doesn't taste like it!

    If you're worried about peeing yourself go to the loo before you start, and then just relax into it.

    If you really don't like the feeling, then you need to get him to change where he puts his fingers.. he's probably curving around the front, like he's trying to rub the back of your belly-button. That's where the spot is, and if you don't want the most intense orgasm of your life.. get him to stop. But please.. go with it!

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    thanks so much for the advice everyone. I just found that due to me worrying about it i wanted to have sex less and less and I feel really bad for him now because it is affecting him. I feel like all my passion is gone :/ but is the simply because i now worry he wont please me and i will end up getting annoyed?

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    You just have to talk to him and explain your fears with him. Also, help him out with his technique- he obviously thinks that trying to explore your g-spot is pleasurable but if it isn't and is making you uncomfortable then he needs to know... otherwise he won't really know what the problem is.

    My partner loves it when I tell him exactly what I like and what I don't.. and then have days where we mix it up..

    Talk and try using his hand how you want it by moving it the way you like. LIttle things like that can be appreciated by men.

    Good luck!

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    Have you tried going to the toilet before you begin? If it's g-spot stimulation and that is causing the feeling, then it might not stop the feeling, but it may stop you needing to rush off to the bathroom.

    I second the others about communication though. If this is something you just really don't like, then i'd suggest you both find another way for him to use his fingers.

    I have to say though that I hope you try and push through the feeling at least once just to see how it goes. Maybe try it while you are in the bath? The worst that could happen is that you pee, which wouldn't be a worry in the bath, and at best you could have a g-spot orgasm.

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    This sometimes happens to me, but I try to go to the toilet before sex (obviously doesn't work on the impromptu sessions!) but also if I feel the feeling build I get him to stop doing it for a few minutes, let the feeling subside and then he starts again.

    That way at least you can start controlling the feeling.

    He's probably not doing aything wrong - just need to get used to the sensations and control it.

    Talking to him is good too - he'll want you to enjoy it as much as possible and would much rather you told him what to do x

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    well i took in all you guys have said and i am glad to say you were soooo right!!! I just went along with it, made sure i had been before we started and it was amazing :D

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