1. You think you know some-one!

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    Well I am dumbfounded this evening.

    I've been married to Hubby for 5 years, together for 6 - an ex-Jehovahs witness - and on the whole a very, and I mean VERY, straight-laced kinda guy. Hated my past and didnt seem very adventurous....

    Well in a discussion this evening (mainly led on from me rattling on about the wonders of love honey) and he's opened up and told me despite the fact I thought he was the jealous type he'd be perfectly happy for me to chase after another lady if i so desired, and that despite the fact I've NEVER caught him watching anything more racey than top-gear he likes dirty movies as much as me.

    So tonight we're starting off with eye's wide shut, before perusing the finest of BTVisions adult movies, armed with wine chocolate lube and toys.

    In for a good night!

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    Well, I hope you enjoy!

    It sounds you're in for a good evening and I'm glad your OH opened up to you - sometimes people just need an opener to feel like they can tell you something and obviously talking about LH has helped do that!

    Have fun!

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    Well I hope you enjoy yourself even if it just sharing a dirty film.

    To invite someone else in to your sex live would be a big decision but if you do and enjoy it them whooo hoo!

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    Thats great, enjoy your evening

    I had the same case with the OH a few times. I suggested a few toys which I thought he wouldnt like, he did. Then I suggested anal for both me and him, he liked the idea. Then I was talking about fantasies and I said mine was with a woman and he said thats fine and that I could if I wanted.

    I should really give him more credit.

    I am now thinking of a strap on...

    lookslikefun [sign in to see picture]
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    ..but eyes wide shut?

    Nonetheless, the conversation sounds great and I hope the outcome is too. Don't run before you can walk, as a backlash would be a 'mare. Have a wonderful, wonderful time. Tell us how it develops.

    I hope it goes OK!

    MsEllie [sign in to see picture]
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    well our evening suffered a frustrating start

    We only chose eyes wide shut because hubby vaguely remembered at some point years ago watching it and there being one particular scene in the house. So we sat down through 40minutes of rubbish that scene arrives and wasnt as good as he remembered or i'd hoped. so we turned it off.

    Tried to go to the adult channels which needed a PIN, can get a pin by logging online and registering a credit card to prove over 18 (dont own a credit card) or phoning. so we phone speak to 3 different people and are eventually told 'yep fine, we'll send you out the pin request in the post'

    After an assortment of REALLY bad porn clips on the laptop, gave up chucked in the alcohol and had a fab time anyway

    and for those expressing you concerns about bringing in another, dont worry I wasn't going to charge off and get someone off the street, was more expressing my amazement that the default answer wasn't 'no' as I'd expected!

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    Its a shame your evening did not go as planned, but then i find that if we try to plan an evening something always goes slightly wrong or we donot get all of the planned evening.

    If your OH likes to watch porn then get your own, sit down and choose a couple together from one of the 1000's of shop online, or visit your local shop together and choose something that you will both enjoy.

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    Hey MsEllie, I had a similar conversation with my man recently except the other way around. He had been gradually stunned as I've opened up. When we started seeing each other he was suggesting things and asking if I'd be up for doing them. Now I'm the one making the suggestions and going out to buy the toys.

    Amazing what it can do for the sex, but even more importantly for the trust and friendship. But I do tend to find that if we plan things too much they never go quite how think they're going to. Better to let things flow naturally and have the toys, dvds and outfits ready at hand if you decide you want them!

    Probably more difficult for you with little ones, but I think it helps it to feel less stilted and more exciting, as you never know quite what might happen.

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    I'm glad that you had a good talk and have found out more about each other. It may have been a slow start but at least you now have options open to you that you didn't even dream of before! You could always buy a film from blissbox.com or another website x

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