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  1. Hot stuff! (A thoroughly un-scientific survey)

    Alicia D'amore [sign in to see picture]
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    Mr Monster wrote:

    Ad - Capsaicin, the "hot stuff" in chilis, is supposedly able to treat some neuralgia, so maybe get WandA to massage your aching limbs next time he gets some on his fingers!

    Don't let them wander, though!

    Interestingly, not only is milk a good thing to drink (and wash in?) to get rid of the "burn", but a 10% sugar solution works well too. So, fizzy drink of your choice as long as it's not diet!

    I did indeed know that - depletes substance P. I pay attention with high interest to any lectures on pain at uni :P

    Interesting stuff for sure, pain is a very interesting field!

    Milk didn't work for Scotch Bonnets :(

    Fizzy drinks is a good idea though thanks!


    brockleyfox [sign in to see picture]
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    How do you like your food, hot or not? - I'm definately NOT a fan of hot food.

    And does pain feel good, or just hurt? - Honestly? it just hurts!

    Sam66 [sign in to see picture]
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    Curries - Fabulous (I was given some Bhut jolokia chillies - the hottest in the world - Google them!)


    But in exercise - yes. I go the a gym most days and run a lot so any pain I suffer is usually self inflicted as a result of exercise! THAT pain is good - makes me feel alive and active, but sex is a way of relaxing not for more pain!

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