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  1. Does Your Other Half Talk or Think About Sex

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    We used to. When we started going out, it was long distance, and he would send lots of flirty, suggestive texts. And if he was a bit drunk, they'd be downright filthy. I loved it, and responded enthusiastically. That was a couple of years ago, and since then, I don't know what has happened, but he gives me absolutely nothing, so basically we never talk about it. When I do occasionally text or email something a bit naughty, it just gets completely ignored, or overlooked, or just receives a smiley face in response if I'm lucky. I get sad if I think about how that has changed, because I love the excitement of those sorts of flirty exchanges so much. I've mentioned it to him once, and he claimed it was because he was 'older now, and doesn't do that sort of thing anymore' :( I sometimes wonder why he can't just occasionally make himself say something. I envy all you couples with your sexy exchanges! I've lost hope of ever having that again.

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    MasqueradeMinx wrote:

    Me and the OH but think about sex and talk about it a lot. We flirt a lot as well.

    same as us, especially if we are out and about so that we can't do anything about it right there and then - means when we do get back we are both busting

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    We both talk and think about sex a lot and my OH often talks about what he's going to do to me that night so graphically that I orgasm simply from talk. I think it's the way your partner talks about sex that can or can't turn you on - I guess I'm very lucky:)

    This can be a great advantage too as when my OH is away on business and we Skype each other in the evenings he gets me going over the internet!

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    I think I am more sexually obsessed than he is... I would have sex every night and talk about it all the time. He can go for weeks without mentioning it, and then once in a while gets turned on and kinky and sex obsessed... Thank god for toys!!

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    its never discussed we just do! i have tried talking fantacy mine and hers but she thinks its wierd and says she has none, i on the other hand have loads, sex is on my mind 24-7 and my imagination could put most erotic writers to shame. She does not even like to talk during sex even if i just say how sexy she is she will tell me to shut up......

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