1. Teenagers & Condoms (Bit of a Debate?)

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    Vampyrewillow wrote:

    I definately understand about the start in life, i work with young children myself and understand the stresses and strains,

    i went to a pretty bad school, which is why i ended up with no sex education, my mum didn't really talk to me about sex education and my partner was clueless as he had been sleeping with a previous girlfriend with no condoms and telling him taking her pill once a week was enough.

    the girl i said was using abortion had a wealthy family who cared about her, it was her abusive boyfriend who made her the way she is.

    i am of the belief it is parents who fuck up lives, there is a child i was teaching last year and he was 3 years old and you could already see he was going to be a little bugger when he grew up as his parents didn't care for him very much.

    i just really don't see sex education working, its always just a laugh, the girls (and the boys) need a reality check and to be shown what life is really like for someone with a baby at a young age, my cousin had a baby at 18 and thought it would be really easy, she has no money and spends what she has on booze, she doesn't deserve a child, yes she had a terrible upbringing, but at 17 you should know how to not get pregnant, if you know what sex is then you know what a condom is and what they stop!

    its not hard to understand that if you have sex without a condom/contraception you can get pregnant and in a huge majority of cases it will mess up your life!

    alot of the people i know who are teen mums, and i know a shockingly huge amount, didn't want a baby... so why were they having sex without condoms?! having a JLS condom won't change things, and having some idiot come in with a green dildo and get you to put a condom on in front of your class isn't going to change things because it isn't serious,

    why not have sex education in compulsory mentor one on one sessions, where the child won't get bored or whatever, the whole class lessons dont work because they become a joke!

    the fact that at 19 i have to have sex education confuses me, the girls in my class are mainly 18-26 surely we're already having sex... and we're doing childcare, we know how babies are made, why not reach out to younger teens in a way they may respond, i am sick of hearing my group tutor go on about STI's, i am 19 aren;'t i old enough to decide if i want to hear this? but if i want to be paid i have to attend. they would be better usng that time doing one on ones with young people, maybe 'people at risk' of pregnancy instead of wasting their time on me!

    VW x

    You make good points - but it's clear from your post that you don't really mean "i just really don't see sex education working" because you go on to give an example of another type of education that might work! That's what a lot of us are saying - sex education, in its current format is dire, but it can be fixed and I think a *good* sex education would make a lot of difference. As I said before - people don't not use condoms because they don't know about them, it's because they think it won't (or can't) happen to them, they don't think it's that serious and don't fully understand the retributions - all of those things can be fixed with a good sex education about *all* the aspects of sex and not just "here's a condom, use it".

    And I agree - a JLS campaign isn't the answer! But improved education just might well be.


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    When i said sex ed wouldn't work i was thinking of it as a classroom based sex ed, thats what is in my head as sex ed!

    i just feel the way things are run now is not enough, and reading through the other posts i agree about the emotional aspect! i think teenagers need to be taught earlier and they need to be taught all aspects of sex!

    i just wish someone could get through to people, i know a family member of mine had a baby at 17 and the baby is now 16 and she has said there is no way she would get pregnant at a young age because she knows how much her mum and herself have had to go without!

    to me it is unfathomable (i shouldn't use big words i can't spell!) that the teens look at their mums and they look at themselves and think, hmm this is the life for me! (i am of course only talking about people coming from a negative famiyl where a mum has had a baby young)

    i get very rambly when talking about this because it is something i don't understand!

    VW x

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