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  1. Bum fun advice which toy

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    I know there hundreds of post about this, butt I got a small first timer butt plug with which I play with some times.

    But I would like to move on and try another toys with out spending lot of money until i get in to it.

    I wont something I can get the wife to use on me but it can not be shaped like a penis this may freak her out also she don't know about this yet.

    She has an idea i like anal as i love her bum and sometimes she lets me kiss it and put a small finger in if she is realy horny it's taken years to get this far.

    There are lots of sub £10 on love honey at the moment like


    Which seems ok and something she could try on me and I here.

    HotWings [sign in to see picture]
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    Good advice as ever AA.

    Another line of toys to try might be anal beads. They come in all sorts of sizes and styles, and would probably be good fun for either of you.

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    Oh, and best of luck introducing the concept to the OH. It took me a couple of years for mine to get with it, but its great fun now!

    Best to talk with her about it, take it slowly and at her pace to try and make sure she is always comftable with the idea.

    There is a huge and annoying stereotype that men liking anal are gay, and you mentioning not wanting a cock shaped toy makes me suspect your OH might have that view. Its important to get her out of that mindset as early as possible I think, to help settle any misgivings she may have about it.

    Here's hoping you'll be pegging like a pro in no time!

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    Vibrating anal beads! I've got some and they are tasty! Yet to review the blighters though. Non vibrating anal beads are good too! I'm on my phone in work. Predictive txt keeps writing anal as cock! Funny that. Well it is to me. SG

    Louise Lloyd [sign in to see picture]
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    Have you considered the Scorpions Tail Vibrating Prostate Massager?


    Prostate massagers are slightly different to butt plugs, using them to stimulate the prostate gland also referred to as the P-Spot, which is dubbed as the male equivalent of the female G-Spot.

    I have heard lots of exciting reports from male friends who now enjoy anal and prostate massage as part of a normal, healthy sex life, the majority of whom state that it provides much stronger orgasms than masturbation of the penis alone, also allowing you to achieve climax without the need of ejaculation which results in you been able to have multiple orgasms without recover time!

    The Scorpions Tail Vibrating Prostate Massager may look a little scare for anal newcomers but having read the stats its actually smaller than the anal probe you suggested, plus it's in the Sale and still less than a tenner!

    Hope this helps.

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