1. Sex and marriage!

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    We have one child, who is nearly two now, and that didnt affect our sex life (apart from the pregnancy bit, was awful) We have been alot closer since the birth of our little one! I have foun that sex felt fantastic after giving birth.... i was worried it wouldnt be the same, but it feels so much better!! We have always had a set routine so that gave us quite abit of time for ourselves!! xxx

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    well for me the problems with our sex life began with the trying for ankle biters.

    The pressure of trying to get pregnant, put us off basically.

    When I was finally pregnant and very depressed my libido crashed as did my husband's. 8 years later and the two kids that we have have played a huge part in our sex life reducing to zero. What with them sharing the bedroom for a short while, then waking in the night, being ill, being able to get out of bed, walking in, waking up early etc etc etc trying to find the inclination, energy and time to have sex was very low on the list of priorities!

    It has got much easier since the kids have got older, but unfortunately my husband's libido has dried up so much now that I've moved on!

    So be warned before you indulge in procreation! Rather than just practising!


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    I don't worry about this at all actually. DD and I have been together 8 years and are still at it like rabbits, I can't see that marriage would change anything about our relationship really, we already are man-and-wife in everything but the legal sense!


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    i am not married but me and my oh have just moved in i am hoping that wont affect our sex life as it is pretty good at the more x

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    Pinkilious wrote:

    i am not married but me and my oh have just moved in i am hoping that wont affect our sex life as it is pretty good at the more x

    If anything it will increase - you have to christen every room remember!!!


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    I've been married for 20 years - as most of you will know on this forum, the last few years have been hell (largely down to me it has to be said!)

    Sex was ok for most of our marriage, very bad for a patch, but now we both know what we've got to lose it has never been better. More experimental, more passionate and more satisfying - for us both.

    compared with some of you we're just beginners in the perve stakes () but we're catching up and loving every moment!

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