1. Where do you get help?

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    WandA wrote:

    I'm loving the forums tonight! Everything is so positive!

    I was a bit worried by your first posts, you seemed so resigned to unhappiness (and not especially favourable about your OH) and I thought maybe a clean break would be the only way for you to be happy again, I'm glad talking has maybe proved this isn't the case.

    I really do hope you take lessons from some of our 'success stories' and you become one of them. Communication, willingness to change things and time may just make things great again! You made a big step last night, your wife also, the apparent ease with which it happened and how it came about via talking suggest the only component missing is time.

    I sincerely wish you the best of luck and hope you stick around to share and add to the collective wisdom of us all!

    Sums up what I wanted to say really! I'm just glad we could all help out where it was needed. Lozza, I'm sending you a friend request, If you ever need a yap dude if your feeling the need. Go ahead. I'll help you through it.

    No not in that way guys lol!

    Just from one masterbation addict to another ;)

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    So glad she took it positively. Definitely some massive steps in the right direction, and it'll be all the easier knowing that she's on the same page as you and willing to help you where she can.

    Don't feel bad about "having" to masturbate at the end of it: twice in one night isn't all that extreme, and as you made it an event with her, it's a lot less worrisome than your previous hidden binges. Just bear in mind that if you feel you've slipped, it's not the biggest deal in the world. No one could go from where you sounded like you were to perfect overnight, so give yourself time and don't let yourself get dragged down by feeling as if you failed, no matter how much you end up giving in when you want to be strong. That's the biggest pit-fall ahead, putting your expectations of yourself too high and then beating yourself up for not meeting them. Aim high, but cut yourself some slack if you don't reach there immediately. You have an understanding woman with you, and as long as she sees you making the effort, I'm sure she'll be willing to forgive any slips and help you back on track.

    And hopefully it'll all keep going as positive as it is. Remember though, baby steps, and keep your chin up and the communication flowing.

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    Yay! Well done, I'm so glad you managed to work it out. Like everyone else has said, take your time over it - if you have a slip up, it's not a big deal. It's really great that you managed to talk it all out and I really hope it all continues. It's so good to hear happy things Lxx

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    Ooh I missed your reply to this thread a few days ago Lozza but really, that's fantastic news! It sounds like you've both made a massive amount of progress in such a short space of time! I think it'll still take plenty of time, hard work and support but it sounds like you've made a step in the right direction and I really hope things work out.

    You seem much more positive already - hold on to that for later in the journey and I 'm sure it will all go ok!

    Best wishes!


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