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    maccess wrote:

    Dirty Red Angel wrote:

    maccess wrote:

    Miss Pussycat wrote:

    Ok honesty time.

    With my first Husband I was married very young, I was faithful for a while, but then met up with an old friend with whom had almost had a reltionship with when I was younger. One thing led to another and we ended up in bed, we had an on off affair for a while. During my 11 years of marriage I had several long lasting affairs and flings, some I regret some I don't.

    I left my first husband for my currant husband, in the early days before we married I had a couple of flings (one night stands, very meningless). Since we married I have come close to cheating once, we kissed and ended up on a bed, however I backed out and we ended up sitting together all night talking about our lives, Next morning I felt a sense of loss at what should have been. I still think of that man, and while i am pleased I didn't cheat we did have a real connection and I can't help feeling disappointment.

    So in answer to the original post.

    • Are you still in a relationship? Yes
    • Was it while you were with him/her? No
    • Does your current partner know? About some of my previous affairs
    • How long has been? 9 years since I left my first husband, 6 years since my last one night stand
    • Do you enjoy it? Enjoyed it at the time
    • So you regret it? Some

    thats honesty...... thought i was the only sinner on here

    Refreshing to see honesty, as in, someone admitting it as it can be difficult to admit it; and some people, I guess, just want to keep it to themselves and not have others judge them but I agree with MTC - you should try walking a mile in the other persons shoes before you judge (not that anyone is or anything!)

    Maccess - highly doubt you're the only sinner on here LOL

    Dirty red angle - your profile photo alone could drive a man to have an affair.... i love those stilleto - knicker shots.

    HA ha - cheers but I don't wish to drive any man to have an affair

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    I have cheated. I really disliked myself for doing it, I'm not really sure why I did. I was very happy with my boyfriend - he lived a long way away and I suppose I wanted to feel close to somebody. That's the best reason I have come up with for doing it.

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    never have, never will! and i dont believe thats such a thing as "lost in the moment" either. its a nice excuse to make yourself feel better about doing a bad deed

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    I have only ever cheated once with an ex. I told my boyfriend at the time the very next day as I couldnt live with the guilt but more importantly he deserved to know as he was such a lovely fella but I guess I fell out of love with him and was pretty flattered when a guy I knew fancied me and make it his aim to get me in bed. I am surprised to hear so many people say `they would never cheat'. I said that too. So i guess it does depend on circumstances at the time.

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    Been with current partner for 4 years, have 2 year old child together, and can honestly say I have never cheated on her!! Can also honestly say I believe she has never cheated on me... even the thought of it happening makes me cringe.

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