1. Sex in your City?

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    I've had a search but can't find anything... So...

    I bring this up because the lapdancing bars here in Liverpool are going mad at a license fee increase that they say will drive them out of business and I recently heard about Cambridgeshire residents fighting against an out of town sex super store claiming it will bring down the area.

    Just how sexy/unsexy is your city or where you live?

    Have you noticed too many or too few strip clubs?

    Is sex frowned upon in your community?

    Any tips for your locality?

    Any cities you envy?

    For my area, well in my local student area until very recently there was a sex shop 3mins away. The city centre is filled with a fair few sorts of tacky strip clubs that cater mainly to stag dos and I've heard there is a posh swingers club. If you can consider it sex some of the student bars engage in different manners of 'games' on certain nights.

    Anything to add anyone?

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