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    I had a strange dream last night, it wasn't scary, just strange. I dreamt I'd pulled out my bed to reveal a big house spider, which I squished, and then lots of big and little frogs came jumping out of a gap. I collected the frogs in a bucket and then used the Harry Potter Vanishing Spell to get rid of them. Any ideas what this dream might mean? I'm totally confused! :S

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    Well I like this thread.

    I dreamt last night me and the OH were arguing, so he was playing out in the garden the kids. He decided to take them to the cinema, my oldest decided he didn't want to go (which is weird for him). He came running in the house to tell me about the cinema and that he wasn't going, but was crying when I asked why he told me he'd been attacked opening the door by a big black bird. The bird was biting and scratching him, making it hard for him to open the door.

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    I dreamed of having sex with Christian Grey last night

    there was a contract and everything.

    the sex was AMAZEBALLS

    we had sex in the sauna, bath, shower and a threesome with another female 🙊

    I love my kinky sub conscience lmao

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    Ok I don't often remember my dreams, but I woke up early this morning laughing from this one...

    I was being molested by a sexy witch, who bound my hands behind a chair using magic, and then used the Engorgio spell from Harry Potter to force me to have an erection, and then she starting sucking me off!

    Honestly, it was Hot! but totally hilarious at the same time. I woke up giggling but with a whopping erection!

    Hands All Over [sign in to see picture]
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    @Sex Squid that is indeed both amazing and hilarious at the same time! Your brain is very creative ;)

    I can't remember much from the dream that I had last night except that I wanted to masturbate and that I fantasized, in my dream still, about going outside in a skirt without wearing any panties underneath.

    Guess what I want to do now, lol!

    sexkitt3n [sign in to see picture]
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    oh I always have erotic dreams alot feature a sexy scots actor!! others strangers and sometimes I have what feels like sex with a spirit that feels like I'm awake but not fully, they are the best as I always wake up cumming with them xx

    queer sarah [sign in to see picture]
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    I just woke up from a very vivid dream. I wrote about it elsewhere, so I'm pasting it here too.

    I dreamed I was sharing a hotel room with half a dozen girls. They would come on to me or sneak in when I was in the shower.

    Thru the dream it became apparent they were spirits using glamours to hide their true natures.

    The two girls I liked the most were actually crows. I didn’t care. They looked great as humans.

    The dream progressed into a weird murder mystery thing and solving it involved banishing the spirits one by one. It was sad because they were beautiful to me. And they did nothing wrong. They just wanted to [sex] me senseless.

    When the crows were gone I was mortified.

    The murder thing kinda became unimportant for some reason and somehow my kids and ex came into the dream. I made friends with a guy I fancied a little.

    Things got vague and I woke up.

    Pretty sure I was moaning out loud a lot. I had many dream-orgasms but seems that didn’t translate to reality.

    I am horny as hell now.

    нинаnin [sign in to see picture]
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    I dreamt I went into a house and there were capsule toys on the table, like from a gashapon. I opened them and they were full of work I have fallen behind on at my office. I've had a similar dream before.

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