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    I think it depends why you want to avoid the labels. I would say I'm not a big fan of labels that aren't appropriate - bi doesn't cover it and hetero/homo aren't accurate either. It's like if someone told me I was a monkey because they needed to categorise me as something and it was either monkey, fish or bird....yes monkey is closer but it's not exactly true. I'm happy to have a label that is essentially an "other" category because actually labels can be reassuring - it's nice to know that there are others like you!

    Another reason I have problems with the currently existing labels of gay/bi/straight are that certain behavioural restrictions are implied by these categories that can cause upset and get in the way of potential relationships. E.g. When I thought I was gay being attracted to a man was confusing for me and I almost didn't act on my feelings for DD because I thought I "shouldn't" do so as a lesbian. Luckily I just thought fuck it, he's DEFINATELY worth the risk and it all worked out brilliantly but to begin with it was tricky. As another example, a friend recently came out to me as bi and he's now stressing about whether he might in fact just be gay. I have reassured him that it really doesn't matter just get out there and meet some people and have some fun and be open to everything. However he still keeps getting upset about which he might be. Flexisexual (though a bit of daft word) sounds like something that might give him a bit of comfort so I will be passing it on


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    Flexisexual isnt that in itself a label....

    weird world we live in

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    I cant say iv ever heard of that tag......................and would i describe myself as it.............um well.......not sure...........im in a straight marriage.....but love women..........and have had sexual expereiences with woman in the past..............so should i be classed as flexisexual................iv no idea.

    Perhaps im bisexual...................i dont know...............iv never really tagged myself like that.........


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    i think flexi sounds good if your willing to bend both ways and not be deffinately into either of them (how many types are there?)

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    I don't go with the whole "oh, we don't need labels" thing because actually, gay/bi/pan etc identity can be very significant to a person. I speak from experience when I say I like that I can succinctly explain where my sexuality lies.

    In average conversation, I'd normally say "Bi" for understandability. Pan is probably better, but feels to me (for me, in my life and situations) to be a form of sexual pedenticism.

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    I always thought 'sexual' was the simplest and most appropriate expression. (Keep it simple, stupid! The old KISS principle again)

    Leaves lots of room for manoeuvre to be yourself. Me, I'm 'hetero', but that's just how relationships have developed, maybe if the right guy came or had come along and made the connection emotionally at the right time, I'd have given the physical side a go.

    The key is the connection, the quality of otherwise of the sex if it happens then comes to a huge extent based on the quality of that connection, as per many of the other threads where we've looked at our preferences for thin, soft, strong, brown, freckly, asian, black, tall, petite.....

    No boundaries, no prejudices, no limits.

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