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    if it was my oh it's probally because she's a sleep

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    i think i would get off knowing my OH had cum using a sex toy...as long as she let me do whatever i wanted to her to finish off myself!

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    When I bought my first vibe, I remember it was a rampant rabbit delux - the purple one I think - I was 18. My fella at the time had talked about vibrators but never indicated he didn't like them. I was curious so I bought myself one.

    When I showed him later that night (hoping it would be something we could use together) he actually cried. Said that it was going to replace him and he wouldn't speak to me for a while. This is a grown man, who had been the one to initiate the whole vibrator conversation in the first place!

    As everyone has said - how on earth can a toy replace love and intimacy? But no amount of reassurance would convince him otherwise and he demanded I didn't use it. It took him a good few months to calm down. I think he had issues.

    In my view toys are just an addition to an already great sex life, they are just a tool to enhance pleasure.

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    headsouth wrote:

    KittyPurry wrote:

    Another major downside to toys is that you can't pleasure them!!! Much as I love my orgasms, my partner's mean so much more to me, I get so much pleasure vicariously from his enjoyment! Can't get that from toys!


    I'm sure that'll change in a few years! If nothing else a vibrating tamagotchi can't be that hard to make!

    Lol I don't think that would do it for me but I bet there's a naughty niche for it somewhere, get it patented dude!


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    Complete rubbish. Stories like this are bandied around my people who can't accept that women enjoy masturbation and the fact that not everything about their sexuality has to involve their partners.

    A man is never going to leave a partner because they prefer their own hand. If they do, it's because they don't want to be with that person.

    If she left her partner, it's probably because her OH wasn't a considerate lover.

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    well said TL.

    u spend your £100 yet?

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