1. differences in perception of body modification according to sex

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    I have my lip pierced in the middle with a little stud and i have my left eyebrow pierced twice.

    i love them, i really do, they are a part of me now and i feel like i wouldn't even look like me without them!

    My partner had his eyebrow pierced until he went for an MRI and had to take it out, but i didn't see him for a couple of days after it and he didn't trust anyone else to put it back in so by the time i seen him it had closed up ;[

    i'm very sad about it because i loved his eyebrow ring and i used to pull on it and bite it and pull when we were playing :'[

    i love tattoos on men, i think they're really sexy. obviously depending on what they are!

    i don't have any tattoo's yet but i have a few i want.

    i would not get a tramp stamp though! that is a definate no for me!

    VW x

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    Vampyrewillow wrote:

    i would not get a tramp stamp though! that is a definate no for me!

    VW x

    I'm surprised no one else mentioned them. Well I think I alluded to 'em but I thought they would be less popular.

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    I have tattoos from when I was younger, all small and not visible unless im neked...

    I actually have a VCH (pierced hood) and it does nothing amazing for me as its meant to but the boyf has told me that I cannot remove it... he seems to like it!


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    how about tear along the dotted line around your waist

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    personally I like most Body Mods.. I have two tatts and a surface piercing on the back of my neck..

    I do find them attractive on both guys and girls, but only the right designs! If it's a tasteless tattoo or piercing then it'll look tasteless. I wouldn't find someone less attractive for NOT having them though. I guess it denotes an openmindedness and attitude to life that I find attractive. (I like alternative/punky/rock type guys and girls though)

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    I love tattoos on men, I love those tribal designs, especially when the guy is quite muscular and has one covering their chest/arm.....on no now i'm gettin horny again and I gotta go work in 5 mins! Need to stop coming on here before I go out.

    I love tattoos on women, I speak as a tattoed lady myself, but I think it depends on the design with women. Men seem to be able to get away with more if that makes sense.

    As for piercings, I think they suit women more than men - I can't imagine my OH with anythign pierced! lol

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    I thought I'd answered on here... must have dreamt it! I am tattooed and pierced and although I have days where I am like ehh.... i still keep them all !

    I have 4 tattoos and love them, they are stars on my back with a single on at the nape of my neck. I also have a musical note on my hip, I got them all in my early 20s, I then added a bigger tattoo on my ribs when I was living abroad. They are all well covered and only the OH sees them. (i like to think they work as guides during sex ;) )

    To top this I have my ears pierced, navel and VCH (clit hood)... , I used to have my nipples and nose pierced!!

    I got my VCH one day when I woke up and wanted something hidden and kinky and ended up with a ring in my hood! Its brilliant, OH loves it and so do I for the aesthetics not the pleasure factor, it actually makes no difference to the sensation although I know people who say otherwise (I wear a very small ball in mine)

    This all being said I do look fairly normal and love my men in suits and unink-d or pierced :)

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