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  1. Question mainly for GUYS regarding female tattoos and piercings.

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    More of a turn on.

    As somebody of an alternative bent (i.e. Goth and BDSM/Fetish), it is a real turn on! I particularly adore nipple shields with little ring piercings!

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    Nameless wrote:

    Tigerlilies wrote:

    Nameless wrote:

    3. That was simply because the website of the guy who made the comments that sparked this off has hardly any scenes involving men; it's nearly all women and mostly solo women. Therefore, I thought it very unlikely that straight women would be consumers of the porn on offer there. However, if you watch porn and would like to share your view of female porn performers having piercings and large tattoos (even if the porn also features men), please go ahead and I'm sorry to have made you feel exluded.

    Tattoos aside, you probably want to sort this view out first, if you are looking to carve out a career in 21st century porn. Not a personal comment, just business advice.

    I'm not sure why you think I'm aiming for a career in porn; I'm not and I haven't expressed any interest in having one!

    Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "sort this view out"? It seemed logical to me that straight women would not be consumers of porn that almost exclusively features women, so do you disagree, or are you saying that the site ought to feature more men? If it's the latter, I doubt if that will happen in view of the what the site specialises in.

    Ah, you're not in porn, I think I misread something or I presumed that this was why you were conducting this survery. Apologies.

    There is a big difference between who people sleep with and what they want to watch to arouse them.

    It seems 'logical' to you but logic does figure in erotica. A sceptical person may say that your assumptions about women liking soft focus porn is down to the way that society treats women and their consumption of porn.

    Some reasons why some women like porn with women in

    • Most men in mainstream porn are really ugly.
    • If a hetero woman wants to watch two hetero people f*cking, then a woman is, invariably, involved.
    • Some women, gay, bi, straight, queer, etc find naked women hot.
    • Boobies are amazing.

    I recommend reading a great article written by a very respected woman in the trade. I should warn you, her avatar is not safe for work, so click with caution.

    For me, she sums up the problem with 'porn for women in a witty and brilliant way;

    I don't need saccharine romantic story lines to get wet - I want to see relatable people and fucking. ("Porn for women" rarely features shots of penetration and other things that supposedly frighten women.) When I look at porn, I want to see people getting sweaty, aroused, smiling and laughing, being "imperfect", and in realistic locations and situations, not a "fantasy hay loft where the muscular stable boy makes sweet gentle love to me while never ruffling my feathered hair.

    For The Girls and the "porn for women" niche is just dripping with the idea that women actually don't like or want sex. It's deeply misogynistic in ways that aren't obvious on the surface. (The whole thing reminds me of an Onion article about a woman masturbating to the thought of having a husband, a house in the suburbs, and 2.5 darling children.) For The Girls' owner wouldn't even bother me if she peddled her product as "softcore romance porn", but don't beat your chest and make a fuss about how your conservative anti-sex "porn" is is what all women - as a blushing hivemind - want.

    And she's not alone. There's a big movement in the porn industry to react against this 'Lady Porn' nonsense and instead, focus on making films to suit everyone's tastes.

    Speaking with the straight women that I know, their tastes cover a lot of bases. Some like soft-focus cheese, some like, some like the crashpad series. Others can only get off to black and white, indie French porn. Me? I like damn near everything and it depends on my mood. My sex life in comparison, is pretty vanilla.

    I don't see a straight woman watching lesbian porn any different from a non-BDSM fellow getting their kicks from kink. They get aroused by the hardcore fun but they don't necessarily want tie up their OH and invest in a cock crimper. It's alll part of the fantassy. Hmm, fantasy.

    Now. Why do some women pay for porn and some don't? Same reasons for men, they have the inclination and the money. They want to pay for quality and they like what they see.

    It's interesting that the 'I would never pay for porn' can be a badge of honour for some. I think a lot of paying porn consumers want to support the industry. I've always felt more comfortable around people who appreciate a sex worker's time and energy by compensating them for it. There are some people who think they have have a right to naked men and women giving them sexual entertainment for free (unlike the people that don't pay, but see it as a privilige) and these people creep me out a bit.

    Soooo, another reason that women may pay for lesbian content is because they believe in sexual commerce and they want to support the ethical companies that are competing with the unethical parts of the mainstream.

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    Nameless wrote:

    Loves Huni - Thanks for your input. This is educational for me and I'm certainly not arguing with you either, but I still wonder if there might be a significant difference between a straight woman enjoying erotic scenes just featuring women and actually paying a monthly fee to subscribe to such a site?

    I'd also imagine - but anyone is welcome to enlighten me if I'm wrong - that tasteful lesbian scenes might appeal more to straight women than solo scenes of women masturbating?

    I suspect another factor in this is that some lesbian erotica has some real passion, whilst practically all male/female professional porn has an awful fake 'every shot posed to show as much as possible for the camera' look to it, with a very predictable formula, and maybe this annoys more women than it does men.

    Again, 'tasteful' cheesy porn is a preference that some women have. It's also something that some men like. It's indicative of the varieties of porn out there but not what women are hard wired to get off on. There's a great quote from the article I linked to above on this.

    If a porn company presumes that 'real passion' is appealing to a woman because she is a lovey-dovey lady person, they are buying into the notion that women can't f*ck without promises of a long term relationship and a fuzzy teddy bear.

    I actually like porn with passion. This is because I like porn where I feel like people are really digging what they do. A lot of ethical, indie porn is fantastic for this and hire performers who are having genuine orgasms and doing what comes naturally. I don't care if they're not in love but most of the time I enjoy porn that looks real. When you find these sites, they tend to be great at showing fun, smiling porn that features lesbians AND hetero couples and all sorts of in betweens. (note this is all different from porn with love songs and soft lighting)

    I think a lot of your points pick up on the difference between the mainstream and the indie scene, not a gender divide. Have you seen lesbian porn on youporn? It's mostly just like the straight stuff. Plastic, fake and the 'lesbian's' rarely do anything that lesbians are interested in. Some people like this, and more power to them.

    The fakery and posed camera factor is something that can annoy men as well as women. We can't say that it annoys one more than the other because we haven't interviewed every single man and woman. If we were to look at how men are thought of in Western society we would be inclined to make statements like 'men don't like chubby women' but the market for porn featuring heavy women is huge, literally.

    Here is another great link, to Violet Blue. Whilst it's titled 'Porn for Women' it could very well be titled 'Porn for Women and Men who are bored with McDonalds Porn'

    Interesting points being raised from a lot of the OA in this thread.

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