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  1. Men wearing womens pants?

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    I havent been on here in a while as I dont have the internet, (im borrowing one now quickly) Its just now I wanna talk about this.

    My fiance recently expressed to me that he likes to wear womens thongs. I was OK at first because I am extremely open minded and I do know that a lot of men like this. He explained that it isnt sexual, it just feels comfortable and he likes to wear them.

    We went out and he wore my thong and this was ok but he did get a bit emotional thinking I would think him weird etc, I reassured him and this was fine. Now this was about 2 months ago.

    Now the other night again when he had a bit to drink he confessed that he wanted to do it again and that he had wore my pants when I was at work. Which I admit phased me a bit but I quickly accepted it.

    So we got home and he put them on and this was ok but then he moved my hand to his ass and asked me to spank him, I did and he got turned on and suddenly was moaning at me to finger my ass (which I have done plenty of times and again have no problem with), but then he got really into it and started moaning and wanking himself off and suddenly I felt sick. We went on until he came, btu after I felt extremely uncomfortable and rather degraded (strong word I know but I cant express it any other way), I ended up crying myself to sleep.

    The next day I couldnt look at him and still felt ill, then I found out he was wearing them out with my grandparents when we went to lunch. After some thinking and scoulding of myself, I realised that the problem wasnt with both the instances but them together. I advised him that I didnt have a problem and he can wear them but not when we are in bed together or having sex. He broke down and promised not to wear them ever again, I tried to tell him it is ok but..I didnt beleive it myself.

    So basically my problem is that I want to be ok with it but I feel really uncomfortable with it now and as much as I hate to say it cant look at him the same.

    I am so open minded and agree to everyones fetishes and beliefs so why do I have such problem?

    Do any other males on here like wearing womens underware for a non-sexual thrill, just for the way they feel?

    Thanks and sorry for the long post.

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