1. One for the girls (pill question)

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    I was on the pill for years and my only relief from heavy periods was having a baby!

    Seriously, if its not working go see your GP, there are lots of options nowadays for heavy and painful periods. I suffered for years after having my second daughter and it turned out that I had endometriosis. After a radical hysterectomy I've never looked back. But to me, your first port of call is your GP, he or she will go through your symptoms and take the best route for you.

    Good luck!

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    My missus was on Microgynon for a long time, until we discovered some lumps in her breasts & it turns out if you're on that pill for too long it causes lumps, we really thought it was breast cancer. We had a few sleepless nights over that one I can tell you.

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    hubby and I arn't taking anything, not even condoms. I don't want to put crap into my body, over years I've tried all sorts of contraceptions...Neither of us want anymore kids tho..We are talking about him having a vasectomy.

    We've been together for amost 2 years, and nothings happened yet. I doubt anything will..I may sound like I'm being naive but I don't think it is possible because of him heavy drug taking past, although his youngest will be 10 soon.

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    Hi Crayola, you are right the advice on the pros and cons of contraception does change like the wind!! Have you considered contacting your local midwives or family planning as opposed to the docs? First role of a midwife is to prevent pregnancy so they should have a pretty good idea of the various pills and their effects. Of course, and as others have already said, the effects of each pill will vary depending on your own hormone levels! So it may just be a case of trial and error, oh the joys of being a woman!

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    i"m on cezarette and have found it dosent work that well, it does make it all less heavy but i was told my age and other things means it may not completley stop.

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    ok i was on the pill for ages (cant remember which one tho) which i found really good but 3 years ago i got the implant thing instead which has its pros and cons. To start with i had a 3 month long period (which was not fun!!) but without the cramps etc but since then i only have a little period lasting about 2 daysish every 3 months or so which is great. Unfortunatly they only last 3 years and im due to go have it out next week so need to decide wether to go bk to the pill or have the injection or what now....dont really want another 3 month long period from getting one of these again!....oh and the other pro is you have no pain etc but unfortuanltly coz ur not regular having no pain also means you dont know when to expect them so its easy to be caught out :-(

    Acording to my doc tho most people dont have the 3 month period when they get the inplant in. Apprantly with most people it just reduces your period and makes them every couple of months instead of every month so its worth checking out with ur quack.


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    I don't fancy the coil or [that thing in your arm which's name I can't recall!] because the whole not having regular periods thing would worry me sick. I need the sign I'm not pregnant (although I am aware some people don't stop when they're pregnant)

    I'm on Yasmin now and that seems to be working nicely. Occassionally kicks me with a delay or a stomach cramp just to make sure I'm not too settled, but overall its great.

    Thanks for all the advice people!

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    just remember that on any pill or most contraceptives if you have a stomach upset or are on anitbiotics it stops working for up to 2 weeks after youv'e finished the medication

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    It can be difficult getting a pill to suit as each have varying types and strengths of hormones. Cilest and Microgynon are the two most popular ones but sometimes you need to try a few brands before you find the one that works for you.

    I've been using Cilest with no problems, although for the first two months, cramps had been driving me crazy but it settled down after that and I've been ok since.

    Glad you've found one to suit you - some people keep chopping and changing and just can't find a suitable form of contraception whether it be the pill, implant, etc.

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    I was on the mini pill for two years after giving birth and I had a constant period that stopped for a few months(not all at once, a few days here and there at any one time) The coil was the best thing for me, I didn't mind not having a period, I used to bleed a few days every three or four months which was great for me!

    Before then I was on the mini pill and it worked great, it just goes to show what a change in hormones can do to a woman!

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    I have a really bad time with contraception as I ALWAYS forget to take the pill.

    So I had the implant, which to all who are worried about it isnt sore to get put in.

    It wasnt for me though, when I was on it I had a light period constantly (due to too much progeston (sp?) being produced so the lining of my uterus wouldnt stick..eww tmi lol, also the mood swings where dreadful.

    I got it removed in November and I am only getting over it now.

    Im back on the pill but to be truthful I hardly ever take it as I keep forgetting. Im just lucky I havent got pregant already.

    Im thinking about the injection to see if thats any better. The doctor wont give me the coil as you need to have been pregrant before you can get it.

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    Come on Hornyteen, For F*cks sake how can you forget to take your pill? get with it, wake up in the morning and take it, leave it with your toothbrush or somewhere in the bathroom. I say this as a granny, (someone who is still activly involved in having sex,) I was on the pill for years before I got married working night shifts and leaving it with the toothpaste was the only way I did not forget to take it.

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    I was on Microgynon, major FAIL as I did fall pregnant.....but things didn't work out & for natural reasons, I lost the baby :( So I no longer have trust in the pill....but that's just my opinion. I'm now on the Depo too, much better & I don't get periods - so its all good. I have put on weight, not loads though x

    It works for me as I would forget to take the pill, was ok before as I kept it in my contact lens box - but I did forget till lunch time at weekends sometimes :s

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    Andserkiel wrote:

    I have an alarm on my phone which goes off same time every day for my pill. 8pm at night as I'm nearly always home then and my mobile is nearby so I hear the alarm.

    Could you do a similar thing hornyteen?

    i have an alarm o my phone too. i also have a spare pack of pils at my pearents and the pack is by my computer so i know were it is

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    I've never heard of them being proven to do that, although, I used to have a 7 day period and since being on Ovranette it's down to 4 or 5, and the last day is barely anything.

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    I'm on Cerazette and now I'm on for 10 days and off for 10 days.
    Am really hoping that this calms down further along the line since I'm only half way through my second pack. Only other problem is the weight gain and the sore boobs...but hey, they say to stick with it for 6 months so I'm seeing how it goes. No mood changes and my sex drive has actually gone up (which the other half appreciates)

    Hornyteen, it's easy to remember it once you give it a proper place in your routine.
    I take mine at 7am every day. The alarm is set on my phone and the pack is right next to my bed. Set an alarm...set two...stick a post it note somewhere visable to remind you too!

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    My girlfriend found Ovranette worked ok and her current one (Microgynan - From the cheapskate NHS) have cut them down quite alot but she has experienced more symtoms with these. Swings and roundabouts!

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    I have been on about 2/3 pills they made me go mad lol

    I been on Depo that made me fat and always on !!

    im now on mirana coil and its the best contraception I have ever had !!


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    I take Katya now which I find a weird name because it's a character in this book http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=13723 maybe it will make me more horny as a result?

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    One of my friends swears that Yasmin has been fabulous for weight, but that's after changing through several.

    I have tried almost every darned one listed in the BNF and they've all turned me into a sociopathic-crazy-eat everything in sight-sexless grump. So I'm not risking an injection (potentially being a moody cow for 12 weeks non stop, no thanks) or anything hormonal.

    Sooner they finish developing the male pill the better!

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