1. Morning BJ

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    I have woke my partner up with one when i was getting up for work and he also loves it he said it would never piss him off no matter what time it was but he did say i should do it more often lol

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    I have! It became a ritual at one point! Work was sooooo stressful, i needed a little relief!...............Straight to the toilets! And once i had a job on the 'shakers' (a big metal conveyer thing that shakes vigerously to seporate various potato products), There was a screw sticking out at just the right height, all i had to do was lean forward and..................! I quite liked that job!!!!

    But back to the subject of the thread.............I'm rubbish in the mornings but the only thing that can stir me is being woken up by sexual favours! Mind you, my present oh is always up and wanting to be doing things with the day and hasn't yet woken me up like that! boooo! When it happens it's amazing tho!

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    Sorry, the first part of my last post was in reference to this:

    U ever been that bad that youve had a play in work????

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    I've never had a morning bj, ever. I had to have a good think there and no, it's not happened. I don't think my partner would be able to justify waking up to do anything for anyone until she is good and ready!

    shame though, because it's quite a saucy notion! I'm envious of you lucky buggers who get lots of attention!

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    DrtyBoy wrote:

    My OH woke me up this morning (at 5:30 as she had just finished feeding our newborn) with a wonderful blowjob, not too long, about 15 mins worth. Started off with fondling my bum, then moved over and touched my cock, a few gentle strokes and then she had me in her mouth.

    When she finished she apologised for waking me as I hadnt had much sleep.

    Surely you ladies must know that I would go all day without sleep if it meant I was going to get oral any day of the week!!

    Man you don't know how lucky you are!

    My OH won't do that to me any time of the day, let alone as a wake up call. Our baby is 9 months old now, but Wifey took quite some time after he was born before she had any interest in sex.

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