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  1. Watersports anyone?

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    Actually, I think watersports is a lot more popular amongst members here than has been admitted, as I keep seeing 'PMSL'.

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    Glad you liked the videos and yes, whether you are into watersports or not there is no denying the eroticsm of those movies (very British actually). We aren't major fetishists, quite ordinary workaday people mores the pity, but now and again with or without penatrative sex - we have had some really horny fun this way

    I have seen all the threads and it isn't unhygenic at all and need not be messy with the right preparation. Mrs A has learned to let go in little squirts on build up to orgasm and let go totally at the point of orgasm. The results are in her words 'amazing'. I too can atest to that myself, and would recommend this little bit of naughtiness to anyone looking to add to their private reportoire. Drink plenty of water downed with a few glasses of dry white wine, and for all those about to say 'ugh' - the taste is vey pleasant indeed!!

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    I think that in the films, although it's obviously all planned, part of the eroticism comes from it looking spontaneous - which can't really happen in the living room/kitchen/dining room as it does in the films, unless you're willing to do a lot of cleaning up afterwards and cope with some wet furniture!

    But I'm sure that a little preparation need not dampen (no pun intended!) the mood, and Mrs A letting go at the point of orgasm sounds quite something! It's unfortunate that fully aroused guys have a major disadvantage over women.

    Some girls here have said that they would do it for their partners if requested but would not 'receive' in return, but I can't really imagine this working as if the guys are then really turned on and desperate for immediate sex, the girls may not want bodily contact, for obvious reasons.

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    Kitty_McPlunder wrote:

    missorgasm wrote:

    confession time.

    Once. a couple of years ago. after way to much booze (i had just been pee but break the seal n all that) me and the OH were having a rather long night, he'd finish and we hadnt sobered up due to drinking throughout aswell, i lay back on the bed while he went down on me to finish me off, he hooked one of my legs round his neck and pushed the other one away, was really going for it, i new i needed to pee, but i thought i was in control, untill, orgasm building, he started stimulating my g spot though my belly, and therefore put pressure on my bladder, all of a sudden, i panicked, i was so close to coming i couldnt stop it, but i knew if i let go id piss all over him....what to do? told him i was gunna...gunna.......fuck please (cue he rubs harder) and then, i came. and pissed. harder than ever.

    thinking about it makes me horny. i relive it often in my head. do i want to do it again? dunno. the sensation was out of this world. was it worth the mess? ask him. i passed out and he cleaned up hahaha

    While I haven't done that exactly, I kinda get what you mean. - My OH is all about the morning sex, and he often starts on me before I've had my morning wee. Usually I excuse myself to the bathroom before going bakc for some fun, but sometimes I can't be bothered to have the wee, and actually, sex on a full bladder feels really good! lol. Don't ask me why, I couldn't tell you, but it's definately a unique feeling. It might have something to do with the of built-up pressure. ?

    I totally agree sex with a full bladder is amazing as long as you can hold it!!!

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    WandA wrote:

    Not for me. If I wanted the sensation, well you can use a shower... I wouldn't really want to pee on anyone either so not for me.

    What is it people get out of it? Humiliation? Physical feeling?

    Frisson of naughtiness, doing something dirty l think!!

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    Don't ask me why but I've urinated on myself in the past and it's a strange but pleasurable sensation. I'd be up for it if a girl asked to pee on me but I don't think it would be a regular thing.

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    I too agree that orgams are much better on a full bladder. It seems to press against your g-spot more.

    My Fiance has an interest in watersports and has admited it but tbh I dont know if it is something I would be into. I have kinds peed a bit having sex with a full bladder and it has made it stronger so maybe I would try it, but I thinks thats it. I dont see the turn on

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    There's also this thread from a while back with some good advice & info in it:

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