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  1. How did you meet your other half?

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    BashfulBabe wrote:


    OMG i love Brick!!

    Ron: Do you really love the lamp, or are you just saying it because you saw it?

    Brick: I love lamp. I love lamp

    On a serious note though that lady that keeps writting with caps lock on has to know that she is doing it! She just doesnt seem to care that your not supposed to do that!!

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    Starlight* wrote:

    Yeah, but sometimes, regardless of the situation you know it's right! god i'm emotional tonight... i'm off to man up! x

    Why are you feeling emotional? You ok?

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    Starlight* wrote:

    Yeah, but sometimes, regardless of the situation you know it's right! god i'm emotional tonight... i'm off to man up! x

    *big hug*....................u ok?

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    I'm fine thanks guys- you know what women are like! think i'd better go and watch 'PS I love You' with a big bar of chocolate and some tissues! Just let it all out! x

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    Starlight* wrote:

    I'm fine thanks guys- you know what women are like! think i'd better go and watch 'PS I love You' with a big bar of chocolate and some tissues! Just let it all out! x

    fair enough. just as long as your ok :)

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    BashfulBabe wrote:


    HAHAHAHA that made me laugh so much. =P

    I love that film! =P

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    we worked together when we were christmas temps. I did days, he did nights so i'd heard of him but never met him. Then because he was good at it they moved him to days. He says it was love at first sight for him, there i was, scruffy hair, no make up, 100% polyester spotty uniform shirts and tape everywhere lol but he says he looked at me and just thought 'yea, shes the one' .....sweet right? i got his name wrong for 2 days haha not quite as sweet. But we had definite chemistry, there was a spark there :) anyway cos i had low self confidence i accepted it would never happen especially cos he said he had a thing for the girl i worked with. Because i wanted him to be happy (plus it gave us an excuse to talk) i spent 2 months trying to set them up. He also made me meet his best mate with the ruse of setting him up with me. I wasn't interested but we used it as an excuse to hang out otside of work.

    I was trying to get over my crush so i visited an ex....didn't end well, we didn't have sex but no ones ever made me feel more cheap and dirty. but my OH helped me get over the experience. A few weeks later he invites me out for his birthday but cos he lives ot of the way he said i could crash at his. He said he had a sofa but then said it was not in his room and so i should sleep in his bed. I assumed he had a double, nope it was a single. Anyway he was drunk, i wasn't. We snuggled up in bed, but i told him (cos i was a virgin) he wasn't allowed to touch me or anything. 10 minutes later he kissed hour later i lost my virginity. 5 months later i'm happier than i've ever been (and my sex life is beyond good)

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    I met my OH through a friend of a friend we were just sessioning one night and my friends friend asked her if i would meet one of his friends and well as it goes i went round to session with all 3 of them and at 1st i was too shy to talk to my OH that my 2 mates took up the seats so i had no choice but to sit next to my OH and well as the night goes on we start to chat and i ended up sleeping there and getting up to no good with the OH and well when i went home the next day to get changed i went to my mates house and my OH had asked him to give me his number and well it all started on from there 4 years down the line we are still happy and living together.

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    Me and the OH were part of a youth organisation where he took a fancy to me. At the time I had no interest in guys and he freaked me out a bit, stalked me online for a while and freaked me out, did a few things that weren't very nice and caused me to say alot of not very nice things back. But once it all blew over and he realised he wasn't getting anywhere, we managed to get back on okay terms again and got to know each other well and found out we're actually quite similar people (or rather, we became similar people). He never counted on the fact it would take six years for us to get together, but we're really glad it did because it wouldn't have worked at the beginning. It was worth all the shit we put each other through to have what we have today.

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    Like all beautiful romances begin:

    "So I was totally wasted (and a lesbian) but then I saw him across the room and fell on my ass"

    Luckily it all went much better from then on!


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    Does anyone ever get random threads appearing on the first page of the forum? Such as this?

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    we met when I was showing a friend some dating websites as she was fed up of being single...I was not lookign for a man at the time but an ad caught my eye and I sent a cheeky reply...over a yr later we all all loved up...Sad to say my friend is still looking.

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    Tigerlilies wrote:

    I'll pay $R200 for you to tell the grandchildren that story

    they will most probably get the edited version

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    i met my boyfriend in his shop i was buying a dress form to makes clothes on but they didnt have it so i ordered it and didnt think anything of him,

    i really wanted my dress form so i harrassed the shop for 2 weeks calling to see if i was in until he got annoyed and asked me to stop and that they would call me, i got the call and went in.

    Im known for being late to everything and happened to be late for work that day so had to run in pick it up and he said "are you ever guna be able to stop and talk to me?" and i said "to be honest its not very likely ill ever talk to you." and ran out.

    a week later i got a facebook messege from him asking if i was the girl that was always in a rush and if so he couldnt stop thinking about me we went on a date 2 weeks later and here we are :)

    it all could have been very different if hed have taken what i said to heart.. xxx

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    I met my OH at a party. I know your thinking we were totally drunk, nope lol. Anyway, it was my friends birthday and she was having a house party when her parents were out of town and her brother who knew loads of her friends and invited some of this own was there. He's 3 years older than her. We had a bit of a chat at first and a little flirt, nothing major. Most others were drinking themselves under the table, I dont drink alot and my OH is on medication which doesnt encourage great consumptions of drink. Most of the drunkards fell asleep, where they were really lol and I went outside to get a bit of fresh air and my OH (but not yet) was there. Needless we more heavily flirted and ended up making out. Nothing more though. A few days later we were together and have been for 16 months.

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    I was on a famous free dating site for only one whole day, recommended by my sister who just got married and saw that I had finally got through the sad phase of a previous relationship break-up (cheating by then OH). I caught sight of this smouldering dark haired guy with amber eyes, gorgeous smile and was even more thrilled when he popped a unique type of 'how are you' note in my inbox before I'd even contacted him.

    Many hours of chatting on how close in proximity we were, our tastes, our humor, heroes and loves and hates and going to same schools etc (the usual) many ridiculous hours of MSN chatting for a few days, feeling like I'd known him. Did not stay on the dating site wasting time, arranged to meet only few days after that and after a few preceeding 2 or 3 horny MSN chats as soon as we saw each other when we met for a 'date'...ka-boom! There is now a local pub I can't go back to. lol

    I have never felt anything like it. I feel very lucky. I live for his smile, I am grinning like a cheshire cat, and he changed my G-spot virgin status (laughs)... we're both daft, open to each others ideas, drive each other along, and completely engrossed in each other. He's one of a kind as a person, and the sexiest man I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

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    I met OH online... must admit when I met him in person for the first time i did catch my breathe! a couple of hours togethere turned into a whole weekend and its been pretty much like that for the past year <3.... its great as I knew he was a nympho perv just like me from day 1!!

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    i met jamba though a mutual friend of our who i went to uni with... i stalked him online for a while and we became closer and closer friends until KAPOW!

    best. drunken. hookup. ever.

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    Well, Where to start?

    I was working with the Princes Trust, as a trainy Outdoor pursuits instructor.

    J was at college and sent to the PT for team building.

    We started getting along really well, Although at the time I had given up on women and also had a court case hovering over my head...

    One afternoon everybody was outside having a break and I walked up and asked " Would it be ok if I sat with you? "

    So I did and we got along. She tried setting me up with her mate and my mate had tried to bet me that he would bed J within a week.

    Anyway. A few nights later we were texting, And sussed that we had a thing for eachother.... I really lamely asked her if she wanted to go into the PT as a couple in the morning. Se said yes.

    The only thing was that morning was my court case and I very nearly got a 9 year sentence ( long story )

    I got let off and we started to flirt very heavely, Our first kiss was amazing.

    Anyway, We had an expedition to go on, It was October. So the first thing planned was a gorge walk.

    We did this and I noticed J looking more and more ill as te day went on. The walk ended at a big pool that everyone was jumping into and swimming to shore.

    Her friend kept egging her on but J looked like she was petrified. I tried stopping her but she was too quick for me!

    At that moment i didnt know that she couldnt swim or that she was pregnant! I know!!!! BIG SHOCK!

    I ended up having to save her, And within half an hour she went into shock and started getting re3ally bad tummy pains.

    Her friend kept telling her to keep quiet and my work collegues told me to let her be and go on her own.

    ( she had only just moved to plymouth, knew know one and her parents were away on hols )

    So I went with her anyway ( thats the person i am! )

    Found out she was preggies and instead of running a mile, \i stuck by her.

    She came back to my flat and i looked after her................

    *Continued in half an hour, Getting a lift, D|AMN TIMING! GRRRRRR.........*

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