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  1. Why is Love Honey so paranoid about repeat threads???

    Sam66 [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm a member of a couple of forums - both musically based ... but in each case there are repeat threads and often in the reptition we see changes of mind and differing points of view - new points of view. This is the first forum I've ever been in where repeat threads are banned (by virtue of deletion) ... I enjoy new threads abou old topics - often they're very different even though the subject is the same. Some of those old threads are called by very odd titles where you've got to be in the know to knowwhat they're about.

    Why is is LH so harshon these repeat threads? I really don't understand ... Does it perpetuate an 'in crowd', those who are in the know and know all the expressions / slang / sexual language ...

    These are just questions - not judgements though in my judgement (!!!!!!!!!) some will take it that way, but they are just questions ...

    I suspect this may be good bye from me - irregular poster I know and doubtless unmissed, but really ... have pity on those of us who have been having sex for MANY years but who don;t necessarily know all the jargon to use the much vaunted "Search Function" ...

    Reply now before this thread is deleted!

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