1. Rescuing The Captain

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    I recently came across an oral technique called "Rescuing The Captain" (I don't know if it has other names).

    What this technique involves is some kind of mint with a hole in it, such as a polo mint. After sucking on the mint for enough time to allow it to dissolve a little and to get the woman to a sufficient level of arousal so that the clit or "Captian" is obvious.

    You then move the mint to the tip of your tongue and press the mint against the woman's clitoris and release it. Using suction you then draw the clitoris through the hole in the mint and flick your tongue as rapidly as you can over the clitoris and mint.

    Only when your woman reaches orgasm have you successfully "rescued the Captain."

    ....I was wondering if anyone has tried this technique and if it is actually any good....??

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    there are different mint based arousal creams on the market, but care must be taken with sweets and other bits because the sugar in them can encourage yast growth. which isn't so good for us ladies.

    I've never used sweets but this has a mian ingredient of peppermint oil and is highly reccomended


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    Hella Rouge (LH) wrote:

    The idea of mint/menthol and oral suction together makes me want to staple my lady garden shut, personally.


    You're due me a new keyboard, this one is now covered in tea after I guffawed at your comment

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    I think it could be too sensitive for that, especially near to orgasm, saying that though my OH is fantastic at oral and knows what sort of pressure i need!

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    I like the sensation of my clit and hood being squeezed by my clit clamp and I love being sucked during oral BUT mint for me would be a hell no...I've been avoiding anything tingly after being put off for life by durex tingle lube!


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    headsouth wrote:

    From the other side of the fence I don't think this is too out of ordinary. We've tried putting tiny elastic bands around my OH's clitoris, and whilst it turned purple and numb (!!) it didn't apparently hurt in a bad way.

    Ouch!!! I must say it sounds fiddly, you must have plenty patience.

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    Ahhh HS that sounds a little better an idea.

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