1. New here and in need of foreskin advice!

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    First ever post and in need of some serious help! I am 20 year old with abit of a foreskin problem =[

    yet to have sex due to this! recently when trying to have sex with my girlfriend after foreplay i am ready but when trying to enter her my foreskin slides back but is tight so won't go past the head causing me irratation and pain =[ is there way around this other than circumcision? would lots of lube help?

    thanks for any advice you can give

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    hello and welcome to the forum!

    lubrication will always help sex feel better but it is best to go to the doctors to just have a check up. doctors won't perform any unsescesary surgery

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    Welcome along dancingboy!

    Like sweetlove, I'd suggest talking to your doctor about this, he/she will have some suggestions for you to make things better in that area!


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    Have you suffered this problem while masturbating before? It sounds like a classic case of the prepuce being tied down to close to the skin. Unfortunately circumcision is usually the best treatment for this but speaking to your GP may be able to give alternatives.

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    Hello and welcome.

    From what I've heard there are three options to choose from but the success can depend upon your own situation. I too would strongly suggest going to your GP to discuss option. As great as GPs generally are I would also like to re-enforce that it is your decision to make and to not accept an alternative if you are not entirely comfortable with your choice.

    1. Circumcision, the most common solution that will likely be suggested. This might be removal of all or part of the foreskin depending on your particular case. Be aware that this option is controversial and the jury is out on its benefits and negatives. While some men regret the operation many more who suffer from problems with tightness are perfectly happy with the results and see it as a great relief.

    2. Another option can be a 'slit' or technique of the foreskin that will leave it intact but 'loosen' your tightness. This would hopefully not result in the loss of nerve rich tissue that might be an issue with the first option. I think this option might not be as suitable for all cases though.

    3. Stretching. I have heard about this technique before but I am unaware of the actual results. All I know is it is a long process but has the benefit of lacking surgical intervention. Skin is very stretchy so I assume this is a viable alternative that I would suggest looking in to if it appeals.

    I would like to ask if this is a recent thing? By 20 most men will have been pulling back the prepuce for cleaning etc... Have you ever been able to? If you have I assume it will be less of a serious case.

    Good luck with your decision and I hope the advice you receive suits you.

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    Sorry, I forgot to mention the medical name of what you have might be called 'phimosis'.


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phimosis (including an image of a very severe case).

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