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    Newbie here!

    The reason I have joined here is I am in a long term relationship and recently we were seperated for nearly a month due to work. While away my OH got completly paranoid that I would be playing away. When we talked about it the next day when things had settled down he said to me I wouldnt blame you as I know how horny you get!! ME?? I didnt even realise I was a little horn monster!! But when I think about it I do like to turn up the kink factor and maybe he is not used to that!!

    Anyhow my reason for posting is I want to plan a surprise weekend for him, something different for a Friday, saturday and sunday night. I have a few ideas but would love some suggestions;

    So far I am thinking for one night a nurse outfit as when I have looked at what naughties hes been looking at on the net - nurse / patient porn seems to be the top of the list! Any ideas on scenarios to play out?

    Another night I was thinking about introducing some light bondage (not something we have ventured into before) just some restraints and blindfold nothing to hardcore! I would like to be the restrained! What could I say to him to get him in the right idea!

    For the third night I am drawing a blank so far! Needs to be something different, we already actively use vibrators in our relationship!

    Anyway been reading the other threads, happy to be here, seems like a good crowd!

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