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    My OH is quite shy when asking what she likes etc in the bedroom , but in recent times when using my fingers (fingering) inside her sometimes she will move a certain way for example arch her back , and the texture feels different i feel a hard spot inside the back wall inside her....is this the Gspot and if it is t, is here any other tips people can give me so she can enjoy the experience more.... many thanks

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    When you say back wall the first thing that comes to mind is nearest the anus. Perhaps you me the front wall, but from the inside. As you insert a finger if your palm is facing towards her navel the first thing you will feel is the edge of the pelvis, in the centre of that the skin has a tectured feel differnt to the other skin.

    If you then insert your finger deeper and hook it towards her navel the you are on the inside of her pelvis. That will feel hard. There you will feel a small structure like a little grape, that's called the uretheral sponge. The "g" spot is belived to be the clit but from the inside. The little button clit you can see on the outside is just the glans of the clitoris. The rest of it is buried under the skin. If you google clitoris anatomy of, you will see. 

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    If your finger inside her is facing towards her stomach and curving or pressing upwards, that part of the vaginal wall will have a different texture and will be sensitve to both rubbing and pressure.

    You'll both need to experiment to find out which finger movements feel best, as it is an individual thing.

    It could well be her g-spot, and/or the internal side of her clitoris - I wouldn't get too hung up on names because all those sensitive nerve endings collect around there and the science of it all isn't fully understood (although science does know more, now than ever, about female pleasure).

    There are online diagrams of clitoral / g-spot anatomy, but if it feels good, go for it - that is the main thing.

    G-spot toys apply quite a bit of pressure to this area - some vibrate too but a lot don't, so pressure seems to be pleasurable, whereas classic vibrators stimulate it in a different way.

    Fingers can do both pressure and rubbing - combined with oral works for me. Just see what works for you both.

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