1. A question for the men. Women please respond if you’d like too!

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    Hi all - I hope lockdown has been treating you well! My girlfriend and I have been posting on here because we like getting other couples and peoples perspectives on sexual fantasies and day to day sex life. I’ve thought of one this morning that I would like to open to the floor and I think it may be a bit obscure but I’d like to get your thoughts! My girlfriend and I have an amazing relationship and we are head over heals in love. The sex is amazing and far from vanilla. We have a selection of toys and restraints we like to use on occasions and we are very open with all of our fantasies no matter how weird and wonderful. Typically, my OH likes to be the one who is dominated and used, however, as we have grown in our sexual relationship, I have wanted to experience what it is like to be told what to do and also be reminded that she owns me. Although my OH is the on who like to be dominated, she is definitely the one who ‘wears the trousers’ for lack of a better phrase. She has made me use her butt plugs as punishments and last night she made me take as much of Keith (her 9in dildo) as I could. Not wanting to disobey her, I did. To my surprise, it was not too bad with lots of lube and relaxing. I took about 4in of it. Since she has put me on this path of her saying jump and I respond with how high, I would like her to totally submit me / break me/ and do something that has never been done to my before. In my head, the only way to do that is for her to use a strap on, make me hurt and then she will ‘own me’. My question have you ever wanted to completely submit to your OH, if so, how did you do it? Ladies, how have you made your partner submit to you? Thanks!

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    Me and my partner just got into some light bondage recently and I was shy at first being the dominant one as I was worried I wouldn’t meet his expectations are something but it was fun. It wasn’t hard to get my partner to submit as its a massive kink for him anyway and he was happy when I finally suggested it. First time we engaged in it I restrained him (hands above his head, tied to metal headboard) to stop from moving and it drove him crazy knowing he couldn’t touch me as he’s very hands on lol We have punishments but they aren’t that harsh. I was edging him constantly and eventually let him loose, but he still had to abide by the no touch rule and if he touched me his punishment was 1 day with no sex per touch LOL! So he basically had to lay there and take it, all consensual of course. He told me after it was hard for him to not flip me on my back and pound the hell out of me LOL! He did slip up 3 times by touching my ass lol and I stuck to his punishment, 3 days without sex.

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    If you're just trying out this mindset, I'd stick to some light bondage in the form of a collar and lead, since it offers a lot of versitility without moving too much outside of your comfort zone. If "being broken" is what your after, its often good to play with denial. Letting her get what she wants out of you, but forbiding you from acting on your own instinct, only able to follow her orders. It's a real great way to help you fall into the mindset, and a personal go to. Usually I'd only allow for release after some very strong begging, which will probably give your OH quite the power kick.

    If you're comfortable with collars, it may be worth upping the restraining to limiting hand movement, as tying down legs for an extended peroid will most likely hurt afterwards :) Using new names for eachother will also help massively, "Master", "Mistress" and "Ma'am" are all fairly commom ground, the tricky bit will be finding yourself a nickname!

    Just be sure you're both comfortable and have a safe word, that way you won't have to feel you need to constantly check and just can live in that roleplay for awhile :)

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