1. Have you named your sex toys?

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    Hey everyone, a bit of a fun talk tonight!

    Long story short, when my partner and I received our first dildo we decided to name it (I don’t remember why or how we got that idea). And later did the same with our rabbit. So we now have a rabbit which we call Barry and a 9inch dildo which we call Keith 😂

    My partner and I were randomly chatting about our sex toys tonight and calling them by their names (it’s become so normal for us). And I started wondering whether any of you name your sex toys or is it just us? 😂 

    If so, please do share your sex toy names!!!!

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    We have a few -

    Mr Magic - Mantric rechargeable magic wand

    Mr Disco / Disco Kid - Doxy No3 disco wand

    Big Boy - Lovehoney lifelike lover 8inc dildo w/balls (Mrs Sen's first dildo)

    Wilbur (or wonky wilbur) - a 8 inch flexible dildo with some sort of spine up the middle that creaks / groans when it flexes, like an old man.

    Mr Ed - King Cock 8.5 inch dildo w/balls (because of the size / girth)

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    My wife and had a rabbit which we called the Kenwood mixer because it was so noisy and sounded like a Kenwood mixer. Unfortunately it wasn’t build like a Kenwood mixer because it doesn’t work anymore 😂

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    We have a few nicknames for our dildo collection:

    Knubby- 7" flesh tone with a big head, but is very veining with a bulge to the side

    The phone pole- This is what happens when you order a toy and it's much MUCH bigger than you expected. "That thing looks like a phone pole".

    Mocha- This is actually the phone pole, just in a different color. It is also currently our favorite

    The Dark 9- LH claims it's a 9" dildo, but it's actually 12" long with a boomerang type bend about 3-4" from the tip. It is by far the biggest dildo we own and has only been used once, though the orgasms are many.

    I have revies on here for both Mocha & The Dark 9. Both were definitely worth the purchase.

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    Not like super clever names or really ones but yes.

    Had a vibrator called vibby(sadly broke)

    Vibrating butt plug is called my friend.

    Lastly I call my bullet vibrator mick steamy

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    not yet but i need toooo. What should i name these two guys?



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