1. Oral orgasms (female)

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    In my 35 years of sexual activity,  I’ve never managed to orgasm with just oral stimulation. Any suggestions?

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    What do you class as just oral. I would include the use of hands/fingers  at the same time, as still being oral.

    if it's just involving someones tongue, then technique goes a long way. I know some men either have no idea where a clit is, and others who just focus on the clit. When there is so much more to a vulva than just a clit. There are many ways to use just your mouth on a woman, even different ways to use a tongue. 

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    Get your lover to learn the kivin method. Plus being on top in a 69 position let’s you control where you would like the stimulation

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    My wife used to orgasm easily with just oral stimulation then, after the menopause, she lost it.

    She still enjoyed it, and I enjoyed doing it, but she couldn't quite get there anymore.

    We've recently discovered that oral combined with a Lifelike Lover thrusting, rotating and vibrating dildo (which we got as a tester item) not only makes her come but makes her squirt too.

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    Agree with the comments above that technique really makes a difference and the same thing won't work for everyone. As an example sucking on my clit will do nothing, I like long gentle locks or side to side flicks but have friends who get there with very different actions.

    I can take a long time to come if the only stimulation is oral, so OH tends to get me on edge others ways first, nipple play or stroking my thighs does it for me but again it will be whatever works for you!

    If my OH changes what he is doing as an orgasm is building then this also can stop an orgasm so I have found being communicative with him helps him know what I need.

    For me it is also a mental thing, so I need to be relaxed and in the right head space for it to happen and it is possible to over think it.

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