1. Anal solo-play

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    Hey guys I consider trying Anal Solo play again as I still got the vibarating butt plug but I like some advice like the solo-play itself in case I get it wrong

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    Best advice is slow and plenty of lube!! The more lube the better! Personally I went for plugs with as big a flare as possible, no unwanted embarrassing trips to A&E! If you enjoy it then maybe an anal training plug kit! One thing about anal play, especially men and some women too, big is never big enough and you always want bigger, an anal training kit helps with this as well as a good variety of dildos, but again take it slow and plenty, no lots of lube. Trained well your anus can get to big sizes quite easily and painlessly, if ever theres any pain stop, some can be pleasurable but too much means stop! Personally Ive gone big and love the feeling and feeling of acheivement but again thats personal preference! Anal is each to their own! Can almost guarantee the way you will go!!😉😉😉

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    Don't rush and don't expect earth shattering fireworks first time up to bat.

    Alone time is a rare thing in my house, so I cherish the opportunity for some solo anal play. I make sure that I feel safe / comfortable in the environment (curtains drawn or doors closed etc, even when I know I won't be disturbed) and then simply take my time.

    I usually start with a plug and just wear that for a while, if its one of my vibrating ones, I might turn that on, then move onto another plug (larger) or a dildo and then depending on how I am feeling, will go up in size or not.

    I agree 100% with yes man, there is something almost addictive about the sensation of being stretched back there and the sense of achievement when you manage a new size. It took an age for me to take the Doc Johnson Titanmen Rumpy fully and even now I need a lot of time to work up to the LH large silicon plug, but the pleasure I get when I feel that final part of the toy entering is sublime.

    If you can resist, leave your penis alone for as long as you can, just focus on the rear end sensations and learn to familiarise the sensation as pleasurable, you can even use this time to explore other parts (nipples, balls, inner thighs, perianal area etc) and extend out play time.

    There is no right or wrong way for solo play, just finding what works and enjoying the journey.

    Best of luck


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    well I only want to know what sexual thing to do once I insert my butt plug and start it's vibration

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