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  1. Swinging Clubs

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    Hi. I'm after some advice/opinions about swinging! I'm female, 25, in a long term relationship with my sexy man. For the past year or so we've discussed going to a swingers club together. We both love the idea as a fantasy, and my other half really wants to try it for real. I'm a bit more reserved about turning the fantasy into reality.

    Can anyone give me any idea what swingers clubs are actually like in real life? Are they quite friendly and understanding of first-timers? If we did go I think we'd just observe the first time to get a feel for the place. Is that acceptable in Swingers clubs? Does anyone know of any that have a friendly clientele?! Also has anyone had any bad experiences? I don't think either of us would get that jealous. We just think it'd be a really hot thing to do.

    Any points of view, words of encouragement/discouragement appreciated! Thanks xxx

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