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  1. OA Music Lounge - Tell us your favourites & why!

    Cara Sutra [sign in to see picture]
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    With the recent discussions in another thread about music, I though I would open up this subject. I have done a thread search and the other two music threads were about music to either sexily dance to or which turned you on sexually in some way.

    This is different as I would be interested to know the lovely OA members favourite music types/bands/influences, also why they like to listen to them!

    My favourite is P!nk, I just love her so much. The strong, independent attitude plus thumpingly good tunes (and an entirely too gorgeous body dancing away!) is just too good not to be favourite!

    As well as Pink I also like a range of music such as Korn, The Beautiful South, Avril Lavigne, Jazz, basically if I can sing it and it's a tune, I like it!


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