1. lube for alone time........ but also anyone know a good flavor ???

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    i recently got some lube for my alone time  if i decide to use my toys  got the lovehoney enjoy water based lube and could not be more dissapointed it dried out way to fast !   had good reviews to  so im double dissapointed ! any recomendations ?  also as i was typeing this i was thinking about slippery boobs and maybe if it tasted nice my wife might give something a lick as it poked out from between them  so any recomendations on flavored ones to she didnt like the lovehoney strawberry one

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    Try joy division lubes. Raspberry one is great. They're warming too if you're into that. Both me and my wife love them.

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    If it's drying out too fast you can refresh it with a sprinkle of water. 👍

    My favourite lube is the Release one. It's a masturbation cream so it's not suitable for most toys or internally, but it makes for a brilliant handjob. 🙂


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    My wife and I love the Sliquid products for just about anything:




    Though these aren't flavoured lubes, but the base has a much nicer taste (almost none) with no nasties. Flavoured versions are availailable but we've not tried any of these.

    Ditto on Mr Chimp's sprinkle of water comment. A cup of warm water by the bedside does nicely.

    The drying out thing does seems to be a feature of every water based lube I've tried, but some take a bit longer than others. A tiny, tiny bit of added wetness is all it takes, usually, to bring it straight back to life.

    Hope this helps. Have fun!

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    I will be following this because I have never had a really great flavored lube in my many decades of kinky sex . The best I could hope for was a not too disgusting flavor . I can not stand artaficial sweetners . And anything with natural sugars will spoil quickly . Come on science !

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    thanks i did have some of the cream an it was great but i cant find it strangely !    really want to find something the wife likes the taste of though cos i love to pump away between her boobs but its not as fun wothout lube  and a bit of mouth action to would be great !

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    I've used the flavoured sliquid range also, and fine that it is long lasting and a pleasant smell/taste

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    I find that doing things under covers makes the lube last longer - probably due to the extra heat and humidity. Like the others have said, may be best to keep some water nearby.

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    Sliquid products are great. We use the Natural Gel one mostly - with each other and alone with toys - and the cherry flavoured one is nice. I didn't like the Lovehoney Peppermint. Often artificial sweetners (even in drinks etc) make me feel sick.

    The Sliquid toy cleaner is also great and can be used as a body cleanser too.

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