1. Best position for her to climax during sex

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    Try the coital alignment position.(or straddling missionary it's called sometines).

    Sexytime8283 [sign in to see picture]
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    Kneeslider wrote:

    Missionary works for us if her bum is slightly raised/rotated upwards, I guess so I'm rubbing against her G spot?

    Normally do it by looping her legs over my arms, but recently got a wedge pillow which seems to work pretty well too.

    Same here or doggy - either of those normally does the trick!

    Ned Kelly3 [sign in to see picture]
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    Def a hard one to say -I would say her on top so she in control of depth pace etc ...so it will be her on top for Big Ned

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    Hard to quote one position for us

    Depends on time of month

    How much foreplay

    How arroussed  she is

    How horny she's feeling

    Sometimes it aint going to happen whatever

    Sometime it happens without trying

    Just relax and enjoy the moment whatever it may bring

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    This reminds me of the joke of a husband saying to his wife “you don’t make much noise when you orgasm” and she replies “you’re never there when I orgasm”

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