1. Anal beginners help - LONG read but please bear with!

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    Afternoon all. I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Strap yourselves in as this is a bit of a read but I would really appreciate some advice. Hubby and I have been together for 10 years and have recently been exploring anal for him. This is something we both thought he would never do, mainly because that area he associates with trauma - fair enough!. To keep it simple, he has an internal pouch (think internal colostomy bag) instead of a bowel after having it removed around 16 years ago. His only natural part is a small part of his rectum which can sometimes be painful - but he still looks, works and does his business as normal. Recently he really wanted me to play around with a finger in his bum, which I did and we both enjoyed. We have stepped it up and its regular along with me licking - again he loved! I think he would really love something inside him there, but nothing huge or massively penatrive but more for the pressure which is what he said he liked. Has anyone got any tips or something to recommend. I want to surprise him with a new purchase and see what he thinks and hopefully broaden our horizons. If you've read this far - thankyou and hoping you can help!

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    I don’t mean to put a dampener on things, and I’m by no means an expert on these kind of things, but I would just be a little cautious. I doubt external play is likely to cause any issues, but I would be a bit more uncertain about insertions with a J-pouch (presuming that’s what he has). Because that part of him has been essentially ‘re-constructed’ it will not be as muscular and robust as it would have been before, and pouches can get inflamed and irritated (pouchitis). You could talk to a colorectal surgeon who knows more about these and can advise accordingly - I know that sounds odd, but I promise you these things would have been asked before. That said, if you’ve already used fingers etc without an issue, maybe a really small butt plug (Lovehoney Classic Silicone Extra Petite Beginner's Butt Plug) may get be a good place to start. I’m sure others will have advice, and there maybe others in a similar situation on here to advise you, but professional advice can never hurt. Have fun though, whatever you do!!

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    I agree with Gibson5, some expert advice from someone who understands what he has had done is really the best idea. There may even be some forums for people with his condition who may be able to provide some advice if you don't want to speak to a doctor.

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    I would definitely ask a doctor, as advised above. Doctors hear much weirder questions every working day!

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    This is potentially exceptionally dangerous. Nothing should be going in there without the say so of his Surgeon.... and they are likely to say no. Even if it's something he might enjoy ultimately it could rupture his pouch and could kill him.

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    I would be inclined to stick with external stimulation only, rimming with tounge or your finger, but not venturing internally at all, the risk is too great.

    If he wan't prostate stimulaiton, you can indirectly achieve this externally applying pressure on his peri-anal area (between anus and balls), or directly using urethral sounding.

    I can't see too many doc's thinkiing its a good idea....

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    As a nurse I would say don’t do anything that will affect previous surgery or cause problems for already fragile area

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