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  1. Masterbation - Bisexuals

    masterandslave [sign in to see picture]
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    Men - if they are moaning and grunting - i love the pure animal side to it!!!


    Puppies77 [sign in to see picture]
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    Much rather watch a woman but watching my man is a real turn on for me too :)

    Jennii x [sign in to see picture]
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    i think watching your partner weather its a girl or boy is more sexier then watching someone on t.v becasue you can relate to your partner and you have feelings for them which makes it more like your involved and turns you on more whereas someone on t.v who you dont know and dont have any feelings for when you watch them it aint as sexy or exciting as watching your partner

    i am bi and i would love to watch my man play with himself :( but he doesnt like it he said he rather me do it which i guess is a good thing in one way but if i had to pick between a man and a women i rather see a woman play wit herself because i think if your a woman your self you can ralate and see if you are doing the same as everyone else or just that you can see how other woman do things and see how they react or you might just find it really sexy like i do

    but like i said i think it has alot of affect on weather its someone on t.v or your partner plus if your partner is next to you getting off its quite a turn on and maybe you just cant help yourself but to join in :P

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