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  1. Where has my sex drive gone?

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    I've never been quite as "up for it" as my hubby, but in recent years my sex drive has dwindled so much, we only actually have full sex a couple times a month. Hubby is great, very patient and makes do with a cuddle and hand-job a lot of the time, but I'm beginning to feel very guilty about my lack of interest in our lovelife and its bound to be getting him down too.

    We've been together for 20 years now, married for 13 and have one child (7). My sex drive returned quite well after my pregnancy, but has dropped off very quickly since I turned 40 a few years ago. I am sure it could be hormonal, as I tend to only really get in the mood a few days after my period, which is leading up to ovulation I guess. For a few days I am really horny, then it just switches off completely. I do enjoy it when I'm in the mood, and orgasm is never a problem. I probably come too quickly, and its usually really intense, so much so that once is enough!

    I do ocassionally mastrubate, but even that is rare these days. I bought a vibrator to try and get myself in a more regular routine, as I have read that the more you get, the more you want, but that hasn't helped. I am at a total loss what to do now. Would going to the GP really help?

    Any advice would be great. Thank you

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