1. sex and disability

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    I've got transverse myelitis and fibromyalgia so my right side doesn't work very well and I lack the energy to fight it most of the time. 

    I've been using pillows and rolled up towels to help position myself and although they're better than nothing, they're not brilliant. I also have a memory foam bed as springs are too painful for me to sleep on. What with the memory foam sinking and the pillow mound collapsing sex was getting to be really hard work.

    However, I noticed the Liberator wedge was on offer last week so I bit the bullet and went for it. 

    The first time I used it I was shocked at how easily I could position myself. I was tired to start with but still horny and determined to use my new wedge so OH just slotted it under my hips. I have no idea how but it made both my legs feel weightless when I lifted them. I usually have a real problem with one leg whether I'm on it or lifting it but this wonderful thing made me feel like new and I felt like I could go on all night! 

    I'm not exactly small but I fitted on it nicely and it held both our weights. It's not cheap, but if you can wrangle a discount and have been struggling with sex I'd think about giving it a go - especially if you're using pillows etc., like we were. 

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    @VR: that wedge sounds fantastic, so glad it is working for you. We are using lots of cushions and pillows at the moment but it is still fun  - if it becomes more difficult I'll be having a look at something similar.

    @K&c30's: so sorry your wife has had such pain and awful surgery. Good luck!

    Some folks here who post on the same threads as me really do seem to be having happy and healthy sex lives, often in the face of adversity. Maybe that adversity helps us to realise the importance of our relationships and sexual sides. Often people have to prioritse due to illness / pain - sounds like we are all doing well to prioitise this side of life.

    Good luck (and fun) to all.

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    I have a badly damaged pelvis & chronic fatigue, my pain levels are really bad and I’m mostly bed bound. My hubby & I don’t get to have sex as often as we’d like, or quite so adventurously, however we’ve had & continue to have lots of fun finding what works! I’m really lucky that DH is willing to compromise, he’s always aware of my limitations. I’m on strong painkillers, which I try to put off taking till after we’ve had sex as it can dampen down sensitivity. I think having the right partner who is willing to work with you is essential!

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    MsR (and anyone else interested) - Liberator products are 20% off at the moment plus I do believe I just read a post by K&c30's that a Mantric bullet is free with orders over a certain amount.

    If anyone is thinking about buying any Liberator stuff, now is a good time to get one (or two).

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    Mrs Kinky has dislocating knees (both) with high patellas. So doing certain positions can be a challenge and dangerous. And Mr Kinky has arthritis in knees and ankles. But it hasn't stopped us. We have sex and enjoy our sex life about twice a day nearly every day. It can get tough sometimes but we persevere. On bad days we do smaller stuff

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