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  1. Vaginismus - any experiences?

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    It is a shame, I've no idea what to do with the rest of that stuff I bought . But I did find another, much better, easier & more affordable alternative .

    Just use your favourite waterbased lube, fill half of a vaginal applicator with it, insert into the vagina and you're done! At least it worked great for me. The vaginal applicators are cheap, sterile and disposable. Plus you don't have to wait for anything to take effect like those horrifying "ovules"!

    You guys could try this!


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    sounds good should i put this in my arse or what?

    WandA [sign in to see picture]
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    YO 2Wicked!

    Noticed this? Might be worth a look if the jelly things were rubbish:

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    Hope its goes well and keep us posted!

    WE CARE!

    Alicia D'amore [sign in to see picture]
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    Well I saw a new gynae today and it went brilliantly so time for an update!

    Background - my pain during penetration has been about as long as I've been having sex. Since just after I turned 16 (I'm 21 now). We (my gynae and I) never got to the bottom of the cause but in the end our meetings fizzled out and I just kind of accepted it.

    Then I got diagnosed with the connective tissue disorder and was recommended I go back to my gynae with this diagnosis - I've moved since so I got referred to a gynae where I live now and the appointment was today.

    He believes my pain is a neuropathic pain - my nerves mistake pressure with pain (which is something I get on my legs and other areas of skin as well). He's referred me to a dermatologist to rule out any skin problems (and I do have very sensitive skin which I do have to be careful of) has taken some bloods to rule out causes other than my connective tissue disorder and ordered a ultrasound scan to see if he can see any endometriosis (something else I've been told I likely have but hasn't been diagnosed).

    He's confirmed what I already knew - that the pain can't be removed entirely but he has said we can try upping the amitriptyline I take which works on neuropathic pain and there are certain things I can do to improve my comfort (wear more skirts and dresses, shower instead of bath and use gentle soaps). He's also said we can try stopping my periods all together but the down side of that is I'll have menopausal symptoms - but he said it should prove if I have endometriosis without having to have the diagnostic surgery at such a young age. And prove whether or not the endo causes the pain I have (which it can do - but it doesn't tend to cause neuropathic pain so it's just to rule it out).

    So all in all - I'm getting yet more info on managing the pain and hopefully we can get it all under control so that sex is possible even if it's still painful!


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    Hope you get to the bottom of it Ad, sounds horrible to have so much pain all the time and not even be able to enjoy some pleasure properly x

    Alicia D'amore [sign in to see picture]
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    Thank you! I still get pleasure from sex though :D this year not so much - 2011 has been low on the sex front. But when it's all under control and sex is possible but painful I still get a lot of enjoyment and I'm pretty happy with my sex life.

    Having the chronic pain from my condition means I have messed up responses to pain - the positive is I can often work through certain types of pain (particularly surface pain rather than deep pain) and get to a position where I think of it as just a sensation rather than a pain.

    So we manage :D


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    I hope things get better for you Alacia

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