1. Great sex, but not always feel the need to orgasm?

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    This is new to me and googling didn't help at all, so I am turning to you! =)

    I've always enjoyed sex and I will usually orgasm many times during each session, no matter what we're doing. I also take great pleasure from being sadistic, as well as from seing my partner enjoy his/herself. But me climaxing has always been the most pleasurable part.

    However, I realized lately that sometimes (about 1 out of 5) I enjoy it immensely and I am extremely aroused, but I don't care to orgasm. If it happens, it feels like a pressure release and not at all like the toe-curling and mind-blowing orgasms I usually have.

    Instead, I prefer to use the memories of these sexual experiences when I'm alone and masturbate, and the results are significantly better than usual.

    Has anyone else ever noticed that change? If so, what caused it for you? If you communicated it to your OH, what was their reaction?

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    Changes can occur for many reasons stress to medication. Has their been any significant changes? Talking to partner could get you to explore options together. Personally I am a once girl but occasionally a couple of times can happen I would definitely look at changes and seeing if something new could enhance things

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    I don't need to orgasm every time, in fact, sometimes I don't want to orgasm.  I like that feeling of being aroused, and if I feel that cumming will flick the switch and stop the feeling, I tell him not to make me cum.

    From a female perspective, penetrative sex without orgasm is, in my opinion, very underrated.

    If you feel it is a pressure orgasm, don't do it, and bask in the horniness still within you long after your partner has finished.

    And yes, things do change. and I don't think it is anything to worry about.

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    I hardly ever orgasm. I think it's a hormonal thing, particularly hystamine. Until recently I could count my orgasms (and I'm 67) on my hand. Then after a few years of abstinence, I had some beauties, which was when I got into playing with toys. After that first flush after returning to sexual activity, they've gone again. I'm far more interested, and always have been, in feeling aroused than in cumming.

    I wonder if you're experiencing some hormonal change?

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    I very rarely orgasm through sex, but I am extremely aroused.

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    I nearly always orgasm with toys but I have to admit there is a point/stage that I wish would continue longer and i’m just enjoying the sensations, at that point I am not concerned if I orgasm or not but the thing is it tips over quickly to needing to orgasm and if I then can’t i’m frustrated. 

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