1. feeling shy and confused

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    JT2OU, just had a quick peek at ur pics on profile, think you have a stunning body, nothing to be ashamed of at all, everyone has scars inside and out from living life. Live and let live is what i say.

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    JT2OU, you look beautiful, we’re here for you 🙂 x

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    Sparklybunny wrote:

    I agree with the lingerie plan too. I can't remember the last time my hubby saw me naked! Hope it's ok to say this but a few drinks help too! Most importantly, your OH thinks you're great just as you are. We're too harsh on ourselves, always picking out our faults and comparing ourselves to images in the media. Your OH will just be pleased he's getting some. You're not being silly at all, it's an issue lots of us have. Also, if it's any help, I think about my fantasies to make me come too, I assumed it was standard practice. Perhaps try not to focus on coming too much and just enjoy the journey. These are my pearls of wisdom from someone who's been through the same thing. In the end it was starting belly dancing that made me realise my saggy old body is good enough as  it is. Good luck x

    This is spot on, my Mrs is always very body conscious and embarrassed. But it's literally all in her head. She might feel uneasy but to me she is absolutely perfect.

    I absolutely adore her and I make sure she knows it a lot more now. I think we had started to fall into a bit of a comfort zone. But now we are back at it like kids.

    The lingerie idea is great because my Mrs just started buying and wearing it and it is so sexy it's unreal. Just looking her up from the stockings and then seeing her naked thighs with suspenders and then sexy knickers and a sexy corset or silky top is amazing.

    I think your partner will have a jaw drop to the floor moment. It also seems to make my Mrs more confident while she is wearing them.

    Another thing that was good for us was adding a few toys into the mix. It really spiced things up.

    We have the mini magic wand, under bed restraints, big magic wand, blindfold and handcuffs and the we vibe Bluetooth vibrator.

    The we vibe is really fun, pop it in and go to a restaurant or something and give your other half full control with his mobile.

    It will make for a brilliant night when you get back home.

    But above all else don't be so hard on yourself because I can guarantee that your OH loves you just the way you are. He might not say it, I certainly didn't to my wife and regret it.

    I now tell her all the time and I think she now believes me when I tell her.

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