1. Condoms in a relationship?

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    Lovehoney - Jess Wilde wrote:

    goochsplitter9000 wrote:

    Me and my OH dont use them unless we’re acting silly. We play a condom game where I get him hard and we try various condoms on 😂 Just wondering if some couples/partnerships do use condoms still? We don’t, as I’m on the pill, and he’s too big for condoms so we’d have to spend a fortune on XL ones.


    I can put my whole leg in a condom, so this just isn't true. The idea that some guys are too big for condoms contributes to many not using them or even carrying them. As for spending a fortune: it's a small price to pay for your health. Sex is fun, but it's also life-threatening without proper precautions.

    As someone who's with a guy quite above average size, just because you can fit a foot in doesn't mean it works on a penis. (There are plenty of condoms if you look though) How it actually works: 1. The condom will be too tight cutting off circulation making him lose feeling and go soft. Try putting on some really tight rubber bands on your wrist and see how well you do. 2.The flesh is much softer than a leg, meaning that the end of the condom digs into the skin a lot easier and deeper making it uncomfortable and even painful. 3. Condoms will break much easier. By getting stretched they weaken. It took us a while to get the correct size in, we used a type of durex condoms which were slightly too small still and 2/5 would rip from the friction added with the stretch 4. If they're too small, they also won't just roll on nice and easy. It's going to take a couple minutes and possibly a few condoms to get it on and that just ruins the mood. And that's not considering the length. So many people saying that you can't be too big for a condom means that way too many guys stick with using the "regular" size condoms thinking it is supposed to pinch and be uncomfortable. TheyFit do large range of sizes and lengths and aren't too expensive. Personally prefer MySize even though they're less flexible with the sizing.

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