1. Condoms in a relationship?

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    Neither me nor my partner (currently a LDR, they live in a differnt country) have ever been sexually active previously, and as i have an implant, we aren't planning on using condoms. I'd actually get sterilised if i could, but nobody is going to offer that to a childless 28 year old.

    I just prefer the idea of it being him i feel directly, not a condom, although i do have reservations about the ejaculate since i have pretty severe OCD and don't like it will have traces of urine in it, so what the actual plan is i'm not sure.

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    Lovehoney - Jess Wilde wrote:

    goochsplitter9000 wrote:

    Me and my OH dont use them unless we’re acting silly. We play a condom game where I get him hard and we try various condoms on 😂 Just wondering if some couples/partnerships do use condoms still? We don’t, as I’m on the pill, and he’s too big for condoms so we’d have to spend a fortune on XL ones.


    I can put my whole leg in a condom, so this just isn't true. The idea that some guys are too big for condoms contributes to many not using them or even carrying them. As for spending a fortune: it's a small price to pay for your health. Sex is fun, but it's also life-threatening without proper precautions.

    Having said that, if you've both been tested for STI's and have come back negative since being together and are on other contraception to prevent pregnancy, then you can of course forgoe condoms. Just be absolutley sure you're monogamous, and book another test in in about 6 months (to allow for incubation of disease from a previous partner) to be absolutely certain you aren't play STI ping-pong. (That includes an oral, vaginal, penile and anal swab, to be sure)


    The first few condoms I tried I hated, and felt wrong but as it turns out there's plenty of choice and eventual I found a brand and a size that felt just right.


    That being said, while I was still in my last relationship we didn't bother with them as we both were clear medically, on other forms of contraception and without going into much detail both of us had slight health conditions that would have made conceiving without contraception a statistical miricle. (We still used it anyway though because sodd's law of anyone was going to get pregnant with our situations, it'd be us.)

    Think of it this way. £20 is enough to test several brands of condoms and if nothing else, it's for piece of mind.

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    Me n my OH half have used them on and off in our 14 years together. I prefer not to as I like to feel him cum, sometimes it gets everywhere but a st o wet and clean sheets and everything is sorted. After my OH had the snip our sex life got even better as no stress of pregnancy and no other participants we don't need to.

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    We use them all the time, medical contraceptives don't agree with my wife so it's the only option. No big deal, better than no sex at all!

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    I'm my previous relationship I insisted on a condom every time despite being on the implant; but with my current partner after a couple months we both went and got tested, when we both came back clear we ditched condoms. If I were to get into another relationship I'd insist on a condom again. Better safe than sorry

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    I refuse to take hormonal contraceptives due to a massive family history of breast cancer so always insist on a condom on fertile days (using the calendar method). I am less bothered about infertile days but usually still use them just to keep in the habit of it.

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    Condoms until you know the relationship is going somewhere and then both get tested

    For any indiscretions a welly on the Willy every time

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    Yes my wife doesn't like the idea of any other sort of contraception and I'm happy with using a condom. I buy in bulk too as I don't see the point of buying just a few in a box. The more you practice the better it becomes😉

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    Another way condoms can be helpful is if the guy tends to be be too quick on the draw. When dating, I had this issue whenever I was with a new partner - as soon as I was inside her, the urge to cum would be overwhelming, so I would always use Durex Performa for the first few times so I wouldn't disappoint her! I don't have that problem in a long term relationship, but it might be helpful for some. Any condom reduces the sensation at least a little. 

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    Fairly soon after marriage we stopped using condoms in favour of medical contraception, however after seeing my wifes body reacting so strongly to these medications (one variety actually made her breasts swell so much they felt firm like silicone) I was not happy with her taking risks with potentially dangerous and body chemistry altering drugs. 

    We decided to just use condoms, neither of us are fans of taking medication where not necessary anyway, and we haven't looked back. We tend to have a lot of unprotected sex and reach for condoms for only the very last moments of our fun (of course many times I may find a different 'target'). We are confident with this method after 5 years or so, but of course we are always careful and aware of the biology - for example if I have already cum that day, I will always use a condom from the start of penetration. Better safe than sorry. 

    As a man, sure the sensations are somewhat dulled when using a condom, but as mentioned by JohnA, this can also be of strategic use to a hot blooded man who may sometimes be 'too eager' to please. 

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    My partner and I don't use condoms unless for some reason I'm worried my pill hasn't worked, and want to be better safe than sorry - not quite ready for children yet.

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    EyeAy wrote:

    We use them all the time, medical contraceptives don't agree with my wife so it's the only option. No big deal, better than no sex at all!

    This ^^

    I made the decision to stop taking hormonal contraception for my health - including my mental health. I would love to go back to condom-free but pills/coils/injections are a no-go for me at the moment. I have been with my partner for six years, soon to be married (not that it's relevant but I don't enjoy the misconception that condoms are for casual relationships).

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    Me and my partner have been together a while now and never use condoms anymore. 

    Neither of us like the feel of them and I've always been on the contraceptive injection, therefore we never require them for contraceptive purposes. 

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    Sometimes if its that time of the month or the OH has changed contraception. We have thought about using them for Anal to allow slipping back to vaginal or oral play without risk of yeast infections. As for price a lot of local councils clinics etc offer them free to adults who are resident. So we sont pay.

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    every time i come into a new relationship I STI test vigorously before having anything penetrative with them. both at the beginning and after incubation etc. I dont like one night stands mostly because i find them awkward but also i dont like condoms. once I am in a trusting committed properly tested relationship I never wear condoms or let him. 

    Being gay pregnancy isnt an issue, but with proper testing no reason why not. 

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    My wife and I use condoms regularly. She came off the pill just before we got married to stop the hormone changes, used condoms for a couple of years, stopped last year and had our first child :) once we get back into though I will continue using condoms so she doesn't have to take pills or have anything implanted.

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    Yes we did. We had to get certain brands though as the cheap ones don't stretch well and I'm allergic to them.

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    Here one. An opinion. Do people use/prefer a condom for anal?

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    We use them as I have a semen allergy. 

    I'm using HRT so probably can no longer get pregnant, so we tend to just use them at the last moment - bit of a faff, but he can get one on at the speed of light these days. 

    I also have a latex allergy so have to use the more expensive latex-free versions. 

    I must admit that I love that brief chill feeling if he gets it on and in quickly enough. 

    Does anyone know if I can use orgasm balms with latex-free condoms? 

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    We have used them for the last 16 years after our daughter was born. Wife doesn't want to go on the pill again and we dont want another child which is fine so we use them.No problem

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