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  1. Bought a surprise for my OH

    bcg73 [sign in to see picture]
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    Mine and the wife’s sexy life has been sorely lacking of late (actually a few years since darling child #2) - we are almost at the point we just live together and we want to try and get some “grown up” time together. Today though, there was a lovehoney offer for a free magic wand with a certain spend. So, this is something I think she’d like so I needed to buy some items to get it and after much consideration, I bought something I think (hope) we will both like - a beginners bondage kit. We’ve skirted around tying up before and neither of us have gone “urgh, not that!” So, the advice I’m looking for is, what do you think the best way will be to introduce her to her (wand) and our (bondage kit) presents? Reading this forum, you guys are great at offering up awesome suggestions so hoping you mah have some for me :)

    Sexi•Lexi💕 [sign in to see picture]
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    What a great idea to reignite your sex lives. Hows about a kinky treasure hunt leaving various clues and props around the house leading to the main event? Just a thought something like leaving one of your ties out or even wrap it up in a gift box to raise excitement levels with a note included saying something like"don't get tied up please put me back where I belong" leading your oh to where the ties are housed and follow up with another prop and note and so on until the finale. If your wife's into lingerie its perhaps worth incorporating some of her garments or purchase a couple of new ones so she's got a choice? The only limit is your imagination! Then there's the blindfold option which would need some preparation to gather your wife's thoughts on a bit of bondage Or there's the good old fashioned romantic hotel trip. Have a great time whatever way you introduce the kit :) the only limits your imagination. All the best:)

    Gran [sign in to see picture]
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    Well done for taking initiative ! I don't do bondage, but my thought was to make your bedroom clean and tidy, add some flowers and some candles, -or if you go away for a weekend or s night, scatter rose petals (from Lovehoney) on the bed, get a bottle of fizz, presented in a bucket of ice - you know, the whole romantic set up. Maybe a bubble bath for her, and the wand gift wrapped when she gets into her bath with a glass of wine. Once she's had a little play with that (trust me, she won't be able to resist!) take her to bed and tell her there's another toy to play with if she'd like to. Hope it all goes really well for you guys, you need it after two darlings!

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    I'm a big fan of leaving the Lovehoney box open on the bed with the toys peeping out a little from under the scrunched up packing paper. I've generally opened them up first, checked them over, charged them up if needed, and then I pop them back in their packaging before arranging them back in the box again.

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    Tuck the surprise under her pillow send a little hint before bedtime hold back 10 minutes before following to the bedroom an Boom!

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