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  1. I cannot get clean for anal

    DaveCanHasFun [sign in to see picture]
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    Hello all

    I've been indulging in anal play, butt plugs, dildos and the like for a month or so now. It's loads of fun but there's one part of it I simply cannot get right - cleaning out my bum!

    I've read several forum posts here, many of which end with "I don't really need to clean myself". For whatever reason I do seem to need to. Without a cleanse things get pretty messy quickly even after a bowel movement!

    I started off with a standard anal douche. three or four goes with that (fill and release the water) makes the water run clear. However if I put anything up my arse, even a small butt plug and take it out, a bunch of dirty liquid comes out with it 

    I then tried a full enema using a home kit and following several guides. On the last attempt I filled myself up five times seemingly getting everything out but once again, an hour later there was seemingly more!

    One bit of advice I'd heard from someone was doing the process 12 or 24 hours in advance, the night before. I haven't tried that and I wondered if anyone could back that up.

    It really feels like I'm missing something fundamental with this! My aim is to get absolutely clean so nothing ends up on a dildo or strap on. I can't start discussing this with my OH until I can be confident our bedsheets will stay clean throughout! 

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

    Dave x

    Terri JJ [sign in to see picture]
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    Hmmm......sounds as though you're everything right in the cleaning department. Diet can play a part. If you eat lots of fibre try cutting down a bit. This should hopefully make your poo a bit firmer and reduce the current issue xx

    Quiet ones are worse! [sign in to see picture]
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    Too much water? some water can get held further up(without the anatomy lesson) so when you say squat after a short while it can run out, try half a filled douch then expell and repeat?

    SlimeCoveredCow [sign in to see picture]
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    I've been experiencing this as well. The best tip I have seen is fast a little bit the day before. Some days however, I just can't get properly clean and give up.


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    It sounds like to me you may have a touch of IBs .

    DaveCanHasFun [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi all Thanks for the great replies as usual! I believe the comments about diet and IBS are correct. We generally eat pretty healthy with lots of insoluble fibre rich food. Carbs when we have them are the brown type, brown rice, pasta, freekha, cous cous that kind of thing. Having read up on that it looks like they contribute to IBS D in the parlance. Added to that, many of the supplements I take, various vitamins, magnesium supplements (for mood) and citalopram itself all seem to have possible laxitive properties. I can’t stop the citalopram without consulting a GP but the others may be unnecessary so I could reduce or eliminate them. I’m pleased that my overall approach is correct which covers what I wanted from these forums. I shall go elsewhere for diet and IBS related advice! Thanks again. Dave x

    Yes man [sign in to see picture]
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    My OH douches for all our anal activities at least 2 hours before play, we found if it was right before regardless of how much she emptied herself there was still to much water up there and it was messy, after 2 hours the body must absorb the excess water and everything is clean with no unwanted extras! Even for fisting and long dildos there is no mess.

    Bunnybomb2015 [sign in to see picture]
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    As mentioned before I usually fast a little bit the day before but other than that it seems like your already doing everything right, I hope you figure out something that works for you!

    KingGrthy [sign in to see picture]
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    Your over doing the douche, you only want a little water for a douche because it is only meant to clean out your rectum. If you use too much, then it passes into your colon where it will bring down a lot more and then some, making a bigger mess than you started with. An enema can be tricky, diet is important, if you eat a lot the day before an enema or even the day of then your colon wont stay empty for long. Also, just putting water up there until you can’t does t always do it, you can have blockages and constipation that doesn’t clear out easily so sometimes you may think your finished but there’s still water and waste waiting to come out. My advice is to use a three fill technique. First fill while standing just to get water into your decending colon, then expell, this will prevent any immediate blockages or pressure in the lower part of your colon which can make taking on more water difficult. Next, measure out the amount of water you intend to take or try flow and then take on as much as possible (a full fill for an adult is close to 4 litres or a bit more, if you feel pressure build up stop the flow for a minute until the pressure subsides then add more water until the pressure doesn’t subside. Now hold it in as long as possible, 10-15 minutes is best but can be difficult. Once that is expelled, and it can take half hour to 45 minutes for the water to come out, then your ready for your final fill. Go slow with low pressure and you should be able to feel the water filling first the decending then across the transverse and finally pressure will build in your ascending colon. Hold it in and then expell. Now, from personal experience I find that there is normally a bit at the end that doesn’t want to easily come out, using a dildo and stimulating your sigmoid helps release that last bit. After all that, best practice is to then give it 45 minutes before any serious play.

    DaveCanHasFun [sign in to see picture]
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    KingGrthy that’s one of the best explanations and guides I’ve read! I shall try out your three fill technique and take onboard your douche advice. Sounds like my main error was timing. Your guide requires taking a long time over which I’m certainly willing to try. Thanks again all.

    KingGrthy [sign in to see picture]
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    DaveCanHasFun wrote:

    KingGrthy that’s one of the best explanations and guides I’ve read! I shall try out your three fill technique and take onboard your douche advice. Sounds like my main error was timing. Your guide requires taking a long time over which I’m certainly willing to try. Thanks again all.

    It definately takes some time, to give an idea of my routine.  The day before an enema, I will eat a lot of leafy salad, brown rice, and some basic protein like chicken, stay away from sugar and other complex carbohydrates(they tend to produce more gas which can make things more uncomfortable).  Depending on if I am doing an enema early or late in the day I will eat a light meal of the same kinds of ingredients but finish it several hours before commencing enema.  Following an enema, I like to hit the pro-biotics hard, sour kraut, raw pickled veg, kimchi, keffir, kombucha, and miso are all staples for me to ensure that the right kind of bacteria are repopulating afterward.  Also continue to avoid sugars and other carbs, cured meats, etc. . . Basically what you feed your gut determines what is gonna grow, so feed it stuff that will grow good bacteria for you.   

    An enema happens in three stages usually, first stuff that comes out is very much like faeces, the second stage is runny and soft typically, doesnt smell great but doesnt quite smell like poo either, and the last stuff that comes out is stuff you can often recognise, usually partially digested veg mostly.  Once you can see the last meal youve eaten then you know your pretty much done.  Now I know that sounds a bit gross, but honestly if your squeemish, self administering enemas, and frankly, deep and probing anal play probably arent for you. 

    If you are just doing a tap water enema, there are three things to be aware of.  First is electrolytes.  Tap water is not osmotically neutral in your large intestine. It will draw electrolytes out of your body as it tries to reach equilibrium with your bloodstream.  This can make the process very exhausting and even potentially dangerous if you dont replace them.  Easy to do, just have a glass of fruit juice or squash to drink during the enema. 

    Second, your body will absorb water from your large intesting for pretty much the same reason.  This means afterward you will have to pee several times and particularly with anal play you may pee during stimulation.

    Finally is chlorine.  Most municipal supplies are chlorinated.  chlorine is a biocide and your introducing it to an important and rich bacterial habitat that has some considerable bearing on your health.  Repeated too often or repeatedly fulling and expelling during an enema can damage your bacterial balance potentially making you very ill.  Mitigate this by not filling your empty colon too many times, when there is a lot of waste in your colon it neutralises the chloring very quickly, but if you take too many final rinse outs, there is not a lot, if any waste left and thats when the chlorine can mess with you. 

    Now the solution to this is to outgas your water by letting it sit for unsealed for 24 hours. For the electrolytes and water absorption you can mix an isotonic solution (physiologically inert) by mixing 9g of table salt per litre of water. 

    Finally, be careful, there are cases of people becoming addicted to enemas, the sensation of being completely empty is strangely pleasurable.  If you use them too often you can also interfere with your bodys natural bowell movements meaning you can actually become reliant on enemas though this is pretty rare and many people do have daily enemas.  FYI, I dont mess around with any fancy stuff, I have a shower enema nozzle and I just use tap water in the shower, usually once a week or less.

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    It's the worse isn't it! Totally ruins the moment. I've used constipation tablets the day before just to have a good clear out, then have a shallow cleanse prior to anal stimulation. I've used enemas too, but like previously mentioned, if you use too much water you end up encouraging more waste material to make an untimely exit, usually at the moment things are hotting up. Good luck.

    maximum turnip [sign in to see picture]
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    I don't think you will ever get 100% clean there. Porn makes it seem like you can, but they cut out the bits where they need to use a wet wipe.

    If you use a douche or enema, then wait about 30 mins after before using the toys and that should avoid any liquid issues.

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